A Companion Post to the Review of Producer Palmer on 7 Days A Geek

Recently, my job as producer at 7 Days A Geek was reviewed on air. It was much more of a Roast than an actual review, but it was a review none-the-less.

I did not produce my own review. I was not allowed to. Now, if you haven’t heard the Episode, please do, these are just some highlights and additional feedback from me, since I wasn’t on mic for more than 10 minutes during the entire one hour and fifty-three minute runtime.

Some of that was my idea, because I thought it would go over well, the other was simply that The Angry Ginger and The Kilted One didn’t offer me much time to begin with. Either way, it was a blast and if you don’t listen to the episode there are spoilers ahead.

[Listen to the Episode for the full context of what you are about to read.]

First off, I’m not Machiavellian, nor do I have the ulterior motives that Grant accuses me of having. I’m helping out because I enjoy it.

Second, there was no secret “pow wow” as was also an accusation by the hosts. The fact that so many people came to the same conclusion on their own speaks well of me, at least, I’m going to take it that way.

There is no history to this review, at least on air. Althea and Thomas Jackson, Jr, both predate me by an entire show, having come in around the TLPS days, but they have set the bar very high. And Doug, who joined shortly before me is a master at all things technical, and there my skills just pale in comparison.

7 Days A Geek Producer Agent Palmers Review or Roast Blame Palmer


As for the new crew, I don’t do this alone. Stef may have been listening before Bill and I, but we all really got thrown into the mix for Podtoberfest 2015. Since then, as I’ve come into this role, I have relied heavily on their skills, ideas, advice, and friendship. But the point is, as much as I am the butt of the jokes; Al, TJ, Doug, Stef, Bill and I all help out. We don’t work as a team much, but I’m sure if that ever came together, we could take over the world.

But enough of the serious sap! Let’s move on to a taste of that episode and the reviews; here is a line or two from each email. I am honored and taken aback by the time and skill put into each and I do thank all of them for participating in this review or roast if you will.