From the desk of Agent Palmer

The year 2021, much like 2020 before it, was a challenging stretch of time. Bad for some and good for others, but on the whole, challenging for most.

For me professionally, 2021 ended with some actual career opportunities. That’s something I’ve been waiting for years to take advantage of. It’s part-time, but it’s better than nothing. If I’ve gleaned anything from my recent stint of joblessness, it’s that I’ll probably always be looking or at least networking. I don’t want to ever get professionally complacent again.

Personally, 2021 was much the same as 2020 was. I made attempts to make use of my time, remove the clutter from my life physically, and indulge in more books. These things were not complete, but they are all enduring. I made progress, and after all that we’ve been through, that’s something.

You’ll see the effects of some of that stuff on this site. Book reviews remained a large percentage of the content that I created, but I’m looking to even the scales across the various mediums as I look towards 2022.

Photo by Eileen Pan on Unsplash

And let me say this. Because my 2021 was me standing on the shoulders of 2020, there isn’t much to report in looking back. I’m glad that I’m still here, still doing my thing, and still bringing you along for the ride. Whether you read this blog regularly or just on occasion, when you listen to The Palmer Files Podcast, or even if you just stumbled upon this post, I hope you are also heading somewhere better.

Sometimes I wax philosophical about the journey. When you don’t have a destination, the journey is all you have. As I continue to make progress and work towards a better me with better opportunities and more content created, there is no concrete destination. For me, therefore, the journey, the progression of being better each day or building off of another, is all I have.

This is what works for me. I hope that you are heading somewhere. I hope you’re creating. I hope your journey is fruitful even if, like me, you don’t quite have a concrete destination in mind.

Not everything is about goals. Sometimes the process is all we need.