Villain Shit: Plottin’ Plannin’ Schemin’

At some point in our lives, most of us choose to see the value of the villain. It may be temporary, it may be permanent, but villains have solid work ethics and often great vision. While you can quibble over their methods or morals, they get shit done.

Thus, YungKhan has a line of Villain Shit merchandise designs to inspire you to get your shit done. These designs are beautiful!

Let’s start with the first Villain Shit: Plottin’ Plannin’ Schemin’ sticker. The varsity baseball script has never been more menacing, has it? And if you want to understand why villains? Easy to answer. Khan is a creative artist who is putting his creations, these designs and more, into the world in order to support himself.

In order to do that, he needs inspiration to keep going and the method is to plot, plan, and scheme. In order to be successful you can’t improvise everything. You need to plot, plan, and scheme. And while those are three words for the same thing, that’s just how important it is.

Perhaps it’s my age showing, but my favorite villains in this set are Mumm-Ra and The Shredder.

Remember that when we were younger and were playing our modern versions of cops and robbers, if someone was going to be the ThunderCats, He-Man, or The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, then someone else had to be Mumm-Ra, Skeletor, or The Shredder.

This is because without the villains, the heroes are just people. They are nothing without a villain. In the simplest terms of the cartoons we grew up with, it is these diametrically opposed forces that define good and bad, but as we grow up, these things blur.

And that’s how a talented designer like Khan ends up creating a line of Villain merchandise that appeals to those people who want to create their own space headed for world domination, which is not always evil.

Khan wants World Domination. The man wants his designs to be worn by as many people as possible! He wants to be a known commodity. He wants to be successful. So when you see his hoodies or shirts on the street, it’s all part of the plannin’, plottin’, and schemin’…

Listen to Agent Palmer and Khan talk process inspiration and more on episode 68 of The Palmer Files.