So, as you may or may not be aware, I created a “Promise” playlist back in November. In my research to create that playlist and the affiliated post, I encountered enough “Promises” songs to do a follow up.

The songs below are selected from the playlist, but they are not the entire playlist. The same rules apply to the Promises playlist that applied to Promise, only I’m throwing out the singular. This is only songs titled “Promises.” No “My Promises” or “Our Promises.”

Let’s do this.

Promises by Def Leppard
Maybe I’m the only one out there who thought the entire Euphoria album released in 1999 was good. It’s fine, I don’t mind it, but this song was their first single of that album and it even made it up to number 1 on the charts!
“I won’t make promises I can’t keep…”

Promises by NERO
Released in 2011, but with some sonic mashup of 80s synth and modern beat drops, this song, which was only on my periphery before I started this post, is really good. Is dubstep just the 80s synth world revitalized?
“Promises, and they still feel oh so wasted on myself…”

Promises by The Cranberries
Look, given my age and music taste, there will never be a list The Cranberries are eligible for that they don’t make. It’s that simple.
“You’d better hold on to your promises…”

Promises by Megadeath
More spoken word poetry than metal screamer, this song is an example of the artistry of Dave Mustaine, who is more than the crunch of his guitars and sting of his solos. And the classical music accompaniment is fantastic.
“I promise, I promise…”

Promises by Beach Bunny
The most current song to make the list; who says I’m not contemporary? This is a great song and the band is now something I’m going to dive deeper into. It’s giving me some vibes of The Beaches, a band my Canadian friends were nice enough to introduce me to.
“Promises and problems were all left unsaid…”

Promises by Fugazi
There are plenty of bands out there that if you know, you know. Fugazi is one of those bands. If you know them, then you know them, but there are still many who have probably never heard of them. If you’re in the latter camp, get listening!
“Promises are shit”

Promises by Monophonics
This song is an example that music is timeless. It was released in 2015. TWENTY-FIFTEEN! But it has the soul, rhythm, and feel of a song much much older than that!
“And he made promises, but they were all just lies…”

Promises by Buzzcocks
Well, speaking of songs that are much, much older, let’s go to the punks of the late 70s from across the pond. It’s short, it’s electric, and it wants to know why you “let me down?”
“These promises are made for us”

Promises by Bumpin Uglies
This specific song has that punk and rock energy with a beautiful melodic vocal and an acoustic background. It literally takes me back to some underground artists passed among friends in the late 90s, a time that I kinda want back…
“You see, promises are a luxury…”

There it is. After following up the singular Promise Playlist with the Promises Playlist, what have I learned? Promise songs are more specific not just because of their singular nature, but in general these plural songs have been more about the concept of promises than say more than one promise. Art is a funny thing, and that’s why it’s worth looking at and listening to!