I am, very much, a worldly sports fanatic. I love baseball, but in the sports list of things I like to watch and stay on top of are also, soccer, football, basketball, lacrosse, racing, playoff hockey, cycling, rugby, and Aussie Rules Football, among many. So when big things happen in sports across the pond, I usually find out about them before most. Today was no different.

While reading my tweets this morning over a fresh cup of coffee, I spotted this tweet by @Brian_Pinelli and I had to know more. So I watched as it unfolded on twitter and I was spellbound. So a swimmer interrupted the race and that wasn’t the end of the drama. Next after the nutjob was with the police, they restarted the boats even. Again, twitter is the best thing here, also from @Brian_Pinelli “Appears they may restart boats even. Former #Oxford champion, ‘If a stripper comes on to a #tennis game, they don’t give a few sets back.'”

A few moments later, the race is effective over as “More controversy… #Oxford rower breaks blade after oars between boats clash during restart. #Cambridge will now win this easily.” (Also a tweet from @Brian_Pinelli.) Spellbound, that’s the only word I have for it. I agree with the former Oxford champion, they shouldn’t have restarted even. And to add more salt to the wound, one of the Oxford rowers passed out after the race, but you can imagine how he felt emotionally and physically. (For more on this, there is video in this BBC article about the race.)

Sports are for the athletes to perform and for us, the general populace to watch. Don’t get involved. This swimmer wanted to protest something, that’s fine. Make a sign and stand on the side, there are enough cameras at the race, get in the front row and I’m sure they’ll see it at home on the tele. But I can only assume, you set your cause back more than you forwarded it’s progress, by being an idiot.

And it happens all the time over here, it’s not limited to across the pond. I watched Opening Day at Camden Yards, where my beloved Orioles where interrupted by a crazed fan who had to get on the field, although unlike the swimmer, I doubt this guy was doing it in protest. This is an epidemic. In Philly they use tasers, to combat this ridiculous behavior, but it shouldn’t have to come to that.

I really can’t believe I even have to say this but, be smart. Use your head and be smart. If you’re a professional take to the field, court, pitch, track, etc. If you’re not stay in your seat, period.