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Six Nations: Full Contact is sports documentary at its most candid, primal

Netflix’s sports series are great at covering sports and aspects of sports that don’t often get much attention. Six Nations: Full Contact continues the tradition in setting a new standard in sports docuseries.

Like Netflix did on Drive to Survive with Formula 1, Captains with FIFA World Cup Qualifying, and Quarterbacks with NFL QBs, Full Contact takes you on the pitch, inside the locker rooms, meeting rooms, and homes of select players and coaches from the six nations of the 2023 Guinness Men’s Six Nations Championship, a Rugby competition between England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, and Wales.

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Bye Bye Barry Makes Me Wish for More Modern Men like Sanders

Bye Bye Barry is a 2023 documentary that focuses on the circumstances and mystery surrounding Barry Sanders’ decision to retire at the height of his abilities. It’s told in a way that may actually satisfy some football fans’ sense of wonder regarding the decision.

But in order to understand the circumstances around his walking away, you have to tell the story of who Barry Sanders was and his career up until his retirement.

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It’s Easy to Love the 1955 Dodgers When Reading Praying for Gil Hodges

Thomas Oliphant’s Praying for Gil Hodges: A Memoir of the 1955 World Series and One Family’s Love of the Brooklyn Dodgers is a loving snapshot of 1950s Brooklyn. It transports you to not only the 1955 World Series between the New York Yankees and Brooklyn Dodgers, but also to 1955 New York, covering Brooklyn of course, but a few surrounding boroughs as well.

Baseball fans will enjoy this book for putting us front and center with one of the more epic game sevens in World Series history.

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No Matter which Football you Love, Captains and Quarterbacks Offer Emotional Journeys for Viewers

Quarterback and Captains on Netflix


Where you are when you talk about it, defines which sport you are discussing. On Netflix, there exists two eight-part docu series about both of the sports. Captains follows six players who are attempting to lead their countries to the World Cup final in Qatar through qualification, while Quarterback follows three NFL QBs as they attempt to lead their teams to a Super Bowl victory.

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