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The Story of the Femmes was the better of the Tours de France in 2023

Like last year, there were two tours of the picturesque landscape of France on bicycles; the Tour de France and the Tour de France Femme avec Zwift. Both had their moments of triumph and heartbreak, as any race or even sporting event does, but they were not equal.

Let’s start with the men’s race, because it started first and it was off with a Yates! That’s right, twin brothers Adam and Simon Yates broke away and dueled each other for the first stage victory and the leader’s Yellow jersey.

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First Season of ‘Welcome to Wrexham’ Scores for Good Sport, Entertainment Value

Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds bought a Welsh football club, or soccer team if you prefer the American lexicon. It just so happens to be the third oldest professional football club in the world, Wrexham AFC. Why Wrexham? Why Rob and Ryan? Those two questions and many more can be answered, to some degree, in Welcome to Wrexham.

The series Welcome to Wrexham is part business documentary, part travel documentary, part history documentary, and part sports documentary with a throughline of the human condition.

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Untold attempts to answer: Whatever happened to AND1?

Untold The Rise and Fall of And1

I hadn’t thought about AND1 for a long time until I saw the title “Untold: The Rise and Fall of AND1.” The start of the documentary establishes its primary function as we hear the AND1 announcer himself Duke Tango narrate:

“This is where it’s at. It’s New York City. Street basketball. This is our culture. This is what we do, B. This is our job. Yo, back in the day, it was like a big block party. The atmosphere, the energy. It was just special. But AND1, they just took it to another level…

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Sailing Into History: Netflix tells the tale of The Race of the Century

Not all documentaries are cinematic. Sometimes it’s the perspective or narrative that makes it more informative and less entertaining, and sometimes it’s just the story. But when a documentary is truly cinematic, it is something to behold. That is what Untold: The Race of the Century is.

The official Netflix description for the episode of their Untold documentary series about The Race of the Century states, “The Australia II yacht crew looks back on the motivation, dedication and innovation that led to their historic victory at the 1983 America’s Cup.”

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Lackawanna College alum to premiere Falcons football documentary

‘They Sleep On Us’ follows team’s journey to 2019 NJCAA National Championship Game

SCRANTON, Pa. – “Odds are we’ll never be in a national championship game again.”

Longtime Lackawanna College Head Football Coach Mark Duda knew how special it was to reach the 2019 National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) championship game in Pittsburg, Kan.

The sentiment was captured in a behind-the-scenes interview that’s now part of a feature-length documentary on the team’s historic season. “They Sleep On Us,” an independent film by Christopher J. Hughes, will premiere on Friday, Oct. 28, at 7 p.m. in the Peoples Security Bank Theater, Angeli Hall, 501 Vine St., Scranton, as part of Lackawanna College’s 2022 homecoming events. A $5 suggested donation at the door will benefit the College’s athletics programs.

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