Coonskin Movie Poster 1975


Writer: Ralph Bakshi

Director: Ralph Bakshi

Release: August 20, 1975

Tagline(s): BARRY WHITE and his men are bustin’ out to win! They’ll stop the man from calling them “Coonskin”
If you’ve been shot on, passed on, gassed on, pushed on or red, white and blued on … you’re ready to turn on to “Coonskin”
This is it Folks!
WARNING: “This film offends everybody!”

Producer: Albert S. Ruddy
Associate Producer: Alan P. Horowitz

Stars/Actors: Barry White, Charles Gordone, Scatman Crothers, Philip Michael Thomas, Danny Rees, Buddy Douglas, Jim Moore, Jesse Welles

Music by: Chico Hamilton

Production Company: Bakshi Productions, Paramount Pictures, Ruddy Productions

Genre(s): Animation, Action, Comedy

ID: tt0071361

Rating: R

Runtime: 100 minutes

Synopsis: Rabbit, a country-born trickster, takes over the organized crime racket in Harlem, facing opposition from the institutionalized racism of the Mafia and corrupt police.

Declassified by Agent Palmer: Rotospective: Coonskin, Lessons in Race and Causes from the 1970’s to Today

Quotes and Lines

Preacher: It’s them crackers shootin at us on the way in that’s got me worried
Samson: Shit… we’ll shoot back
Preacher: What am I gonna do, I ain’t got no gun!
Samson: Preacher, you just cuss and scream at ’em.
Preacher: What kind of sermon you want me to preach ’em.
Samson: The Blues

Man in Blue: Fuck you.
Man in Yellow: Alright, I’m gonna give some example: I heard that 350 white folks committed suicide by jumping off the Golden Gate Bridge. And out of the 350, there was two that was niggers.
Man in Blue: And one of them was pushed.

Brother Rabbit: I’m tired of trying to segregate, integrate, and masturbate anymore!

Doorman: This here’s where Simple Savior runs his black revolution, brother. Natural black Jesus is the reverend’s cousin, too. He gives people the strength to kill whites.
Brother Bear: Kill whites?
[to Preacher Fox] Brother Bear: You hear that shit?
[to Doorman] Brother Bear: Any whites?
Doorman: Yeah, any whites.
Brother Bear: Ain’t this a bitch?
Preacher Fox: Anyone we want?
Brother Bear: Ain’t this a bitch!
Preacher Fox: Huh. We can kill anyone we want?
Doorman: Any whites.
Preacher Fox: I have one special…
Brother Bear: Stop it, Fox. Stop it.

Brother Bear: Preacher, why don’t you shut up?
Preacher Fox: ‘Cause I have an electric mouth!