Sausage Party

Sausage Party

Writers: Kyle Hunter, Ariel Shaffir, Seth Rogan, Evan Goldberg, Jonah Hill

Directors: Greg Tiernan, Conrad Vernon

Release: August 12, 2016

Tagline(s): Yummy!
They’ve created a movie that they don’t want children to see
Not your usual kids movie
A hero will rise.
Watch what you eat.
Get your fill
From the guys who brought you This Is the End
He’s a real douche
Always use condiments
She’s got buns, son
Check out his “O” face
Mazel Tov!
Wrap that ass
She’s down with beef or fish
Baked and fried
Jerkin’ and clerkin’
Macerated and educated
His cork is huge
Check out his package
Bun Worshipper
Your Food is Revolting

Producer(s): Megan Ellison, Evan Goldberg, Seth Rogan, Conrad Vernon
Associate-Producer(s): Names

Stars/Actors: Alistair Abell, Iris Apatow, Sugar Lyn Beard, Michael Cera, Ian James Corlett, Michael Daingerfield, Brian Dobson, James Franco, Bill Hader, Salma Hayek, Maryke Hendrikse, Jonah Hill, Nick Kroll, Edward Norton, Craig Robinson, Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd, Kristen Wiig

Music by: Christopher Lennertz, Alan Menken

Production Company: Annapurna Pictures, Columbia Pictures

Genre(s): Animation, Adventure, Comedy

ID: tt1700841

Rating: R

Runtime: 1 hour 29 minutes

Synopsis: A sausage strives to discover the truth about his existence.

Declassified by Agent TBD: Sausage Party is a Hilarious “R Rated” Romp

Quotes and Lines

Carl: They are eating CHILDREN! Fucking CHILDREN!

Twink: Once you see that shit, it’ll fuck you up for life. Good luck! Have fun!

Mr. Grits: We’re the Non-Perishables, motherfucker.
Twink: We never expired.
Firewater: We are… Immortal.

Druggie: You’re all alive and looking at me with your… with your gloves and your… your little shoes, and your arms and your legs…
Pizza: Legs, huh? Look at me! Look at me! I ain’t got no legs, you fuck! You ate my goddamn legs!

Gum: I am sorbitol, maltitol, xylitol, mannitol, calcium, carbonite, soy lecithin, vegetable, triglyceride and talc. But, for expediency’s sake. You can call me… Gum.

Gum: Matter cannot be created or destroyed, human. You have made a fatal error in judgement, Let me educate you.

Gum: The human is no longer aware of the fourth dimension… The effects of the opiate have dissipated. Your speech and movements are imperceptible to him… We are totally fucked.

Firewater: So, you have learned the terrible truth. Congratulations! Now keep it to yourself, or I’ll slit your throat while you sleep. I swear to God.

Teresa: Saint Chimichanga, I promise to be a good taco…

Frank: Friends… Ramen… Country Club Lemonade… Lend me your ears of Corn. I’m Frank and I am a sausage… a little sausage with some pretty big news… Everything we’ve been led to relieve is a lie! When we get chosen by the Gods, They’re choosing us for death! Murder! Automatic expiration!… The Great Beyond is bullshit!

Firewater: Ohhhh, how they screamed. It was a living nightmare. So, we the Non-Perishables created a story, the story of the Great Beyond. A place where the Gods care for you, and all your wildest and wettest dreams would come true. They would go out those doors happy, instead of shitting themselves.