The One

Authors: Edward Miller and J.B. Manas

Release: November 16, 2023

Tagline: A Sci-Fi Thriller

Publisher: Somerton Press

Genre: Science Fiction, Technology


Main Character(s): Luke Remington, Cassandra Denton, Ariella Denton

Synopsis: After losing his wife and daughter, Navy Chaplain Luke Remington encounters a crisis of faith and reinvents himself as an elite Navy SEAL sniper. When Luke’s first overwatch assignment at a controversial UN Summit is disrupted by an all-powerful figure claiming to be Jesus, things get weird—especially when the crowd starts vanishing by the hundreds.

Declassified by Agent Palmer: Miller and Manas might be The One sci-fi duo to follow

Quotes and Lines

Ironically, he didn’t think of himself as particularly religious–admittedly an odd thought for a pastor–but serving people was another story. If he could help other people find meaning through his efforts, then it was a venture worth sticking with.

He’d always felt there were four kinds of people in the world: healers, inspirers, followers, and fighters.

“You have to trust me, Luke. I don’t have all the answers now. But I will.”
“Let’s say I do try to help, whatever form that takes. Do we win?”
“I don’t know, she said. “I only that that if you don’t help, we’ll lose.”

“I’m thinking Mauricce Chevalier was right when he sung that damn line.”
“What line’s that?” said Luke.
“Thank Heaven for Little Girls.”

“It is more important than ever,” said Kersius, “that you desist from your petty squabbles, power struggles, and wars over territory and resources. Move away from harsh judgements and toward empathy and understanding. Turn conflict into conversation. Heal your planet. And have a strong global police force to eliminate violence. If you do not, then there will come a time–and it could come sooner rather than later–that the Earth will no longer be subject to the care of humans.”