The One Miller Manas

They’ve done it again. 

The duo of Edward Miller and J.B. Manas have once again mixed science fiction with religion, realism, and Rapture in their newest written collaboration, “The One.”

“When a malevolent alien posing as the Messiah plans a false rapture to abduct millions, a downtrodden former pastor is approached by a mysterious child to help save the world.”

This book has everything. I loved everything from the faith and the faithless to the military and the precocious young heroine. I especially enjoyed moments of high drama or action that were often punctuated by humor, very much in line with many blockbuster action franchises.

I’ve read what Edward Miller and J.B. Manas have done separately, but their powers combined are just next level. It makes every book the two of them write together pure enjoyment.

Like many fictional stories, this book is much more than the sum of its parts. How do you deal with a loss of faith? What is your reaction to the unthinkable? How do you move on past tragedy? Is there a life after faith? What happens when the truth is simultaneously out there and hard to believe?

All of this is covered in small ways that are authentic to the real characters that Miller and Manas have created and populated this story with.

Is it possible that I’m a bit of a fan? Two-for-two is pretty solid in anything, so yeah, when Miller and Manas collaborate, I’m usually in. They haven’t let me down yet! There’s just something about how both times they have melded science fiction with grounded characters who are nuanced and likable.

I definitely recommend picking up The One. Again, it’s a thrill ride with ups and downs. You’re never too sure what is around the next page for the characters, and where the story goes isn’t as predictable as other things you may be consuming these days.

To be as cliche as possible, this book is for science fiction lovers, by science fiction lovers. They get it. This isn’t something they put together because they were chasing a trend. This is something that Miller and Manas thought up and put themselves into, and it shows. This is a great read, that’s hard to put down and doesn’t give you more than you need to know, which can be frustrating in a real world where we know all too much.

Don’t worry about that now. Just pick up the book and enjoy the ride.

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