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Old School Magic

Old School Magic: Remembering Duelist Magazine

Old School Magic: Remembering Duelist Magazine

Remember Duelist the short-lived Wizards of the Coast magazine that was mainly focused on Magic: The Gathering? Yes, back in the day, I was a subscriber. And while the magazine ceases to exist, almost 20 years after it’s demise I feel it’s time to look back.

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In Defense of Distraction: Agent Palmer’s 2017 Year In Review

From the Desk of Agent Palmer: A Personal Look Back at the Year that Was

It’s been quite a year and as it comes to it’s inevitable end, as all years do, what now? What is there to say as I look back on the year as it was.

As you may have noticed, I don’t do politics. I write this blog to educate, to entertain, and to share. But I don’t want to be derisive, and I attempt not to be offensive.

I see this as a safe zone. Full of the things that have made life for geeks, like myself, enjoyable.

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Self Control, LEGOs, and Money… Or LEGO, My Wallet! I’m a Kid Again!

LEGO My Wallet

Self control, Palmer, self control…

As some of you may remember back in July I bought myself the LEGO Saturn V Rocket. Now, there are three things of note. One, I bought it because I was and still am enamored with space flight, two I had a place on my mantle to display it after building it, and three I ended up getting on the LEGO mailing list through making my order and am now in possession of two LEGO Holiday Catalogs…

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Coffee Declassified

A History of Coffee by Agent Palmer

Coffee Declassified: The History of Coffee

Coffee has a rich, bold history, with all the ingredients of a well-produced premium cable miniseries: kings, spies, pirates, lovers, religion, politics, and war.

Over the years, its advocates and acolytes have called it “koffie,” “kahve,” “qahwah,” “quwwa,” “kaafa,” and “cafe,” and the path it took to your kitchen counter is rife with treachery, battles, seduction, and dumb luck.

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