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Couple Things Podcast Celebrates 100: Top 10 Must Hear Episodes (A CTP Starter Pack)

Couple Things Podcast A Starter Pack

I’ve written about Couple Things Podcast twice before, once for the epic crossover #CTPinJuly with The Stranger Conversations and once as a podcast you should be listening to, but this third time is in honor of their 100th Episode.

Reaching 100 Episodes is a monumental feat for most podcasts. After reaching a one year anniversary, Episode 100 is probably the episode that gets the most hype.

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17 Movies to Watch that are coming out in 2017

17 Movies to Watch that are coming out in 2017

Lots of movies come out every year. Some are good, some are bad, some are geeky fan services, but one thing remains the same, year after year: I am always surprised by something being better than I thought and something else being a letdown.

I’m not sure what will happen once the lights dim in the theatre this year, but I know that if it all works out, I’ll be seeing a good portion of these 17 movies in 2017.

This is my list, and it’s based on just my own thoughts and feelings. Will you be seeing any of these with me, and what will you be watching instead?

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The Jerusalem Syndrome: My Life As a Reluctant Messiah by Marc Maron is Fantastic

The Jerusalem Syndrome: My Life As a Reluctant Messiah by Marc Maron

I read and loved Attempting Normal, so much so, that I now own two copies. The paperback that I read and a hardcover copy signed by Marc Maron himself. But once I read that book, I realized that I wanted to read more from Marc, apparently listening twice weekly to WTF with Marc Maron just isn’t enough, so I picked up a copy of The Jerusalem Syndrome: My Life As a Reluctant Messiah and it did not disappoint.

Written back in 2001, the jokes, diatribes, and issues that Marc dealt with during the period of time predating this book’s publishing all appear to still hold validity to this day.

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Thanks to Barry Levinson, We’ll Always Have ‘Diner’

Barry Levinson's Diner 1982

What makes for a better movie experience than relatable characters and their relationships? To that effect, what makes a better movie than Barry Levinson’s Diner, where there’s a way to find a portion of yourself in each character on the screen.

One other thing that you have in common with the main characters, or should have in common with the boys – Eddie, Shrevie, Boogie, Fenwick, Billy, and Modell – is that they are all kids at heart.

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Reasons Are Transitional: Reasons Are Several Revisited

Reasons Are Several Revisited

Reasons Are Several was hosted by Matt and Scott. But what happens when Scott goes on hiatus and is replaced by Neil from Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks? You get the same quality of show and a different show at the same time.

Matt says it was “an easy transition” because he and Neil are similar, to a point. They also had “a connection” when they met for the first time last year in Portland. But what makes this most interesting is that it happened in the first place and it was successful right from the start.

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