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“Feed My Golf Monster,” A Review of Alice Cooper, Golf Monster

Alice Cooper has multiplatinum albums along with a sustained rock career, plenty of newspaper column inches attributed to him, a syndicated radio show, and he’s done countless interviews, but to really get to know him you have to grab your clubs and join him on the golf course.

Second to that, reading his autobiography “Alice Cooper, Golf Monster: A Rock ‘n’ Roller’s 12 Steps to Becoming a Golf Addict” is also a great idea for fans of his music, his vaudevillian shows, or his golf game.

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Blow-Up: Nothing like a little disaster for sorting things out.

Blow-Up 1966 Michelangelo Antonioni

1966’s Blow-Up is the pinnacle of avant-garde filmmaking in the pop art, swinging sixties directed by Michelangelo Antonioni.

Not only is it the story of a mod London photographer who finds something beautiful and sinister in the photographs he has taken of a mysterious beauty in the park, but it is the perspective of the swinging sixties through that photographer’s eyes, as well.

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Netflix’s Mercury 13 is A Wonderful Look At the Women Who Almost Became America’s First in Space

Netflix’s Mercury 13 is A Wonderful Look At the Women Who Almost Became America’s First in Space

“Most harmful behavior is based in fear. Protecting one’s perceived position in society, protecting one’s territory, or one’s physical well-being. But progress is inevitable.”

That’s the opening quote from Netflix’s original documentary on 13 women known as “Mercury 13” who could have become America’s first women in space. But at that time it wasn’t meant to be, and that’s the compelling part of the story.

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Chinese Democracy: In Both Defense and Explanation of Guns N’ Roses’ Musical Growth

Chinese Democracy Guns N' Roses 2008 Album

For rock fans in Generation X and in between GenX and Millenials (of which I fall into), it was a punchline.

Chinese Democracy was the album that was never ever going to be released, until one day in November 2008, the 23rd to be exact, there it was: The long awaited Guns N’ Roses album that no one ever thought would be heard by anyone other than the reclusive Axl Rose, who was behind the machinations of the delays and the album’s eventual release.

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