Bolt and Pinterest

I was extremely interested when I heard about BO.LT. It was like Pinterest but instead of just one image it saves a permanent copy of a website for you. An archive like that is very useful to professional web designers and amateurs like myself. You can bolt a great design and keep it, even if it gets redesigned, you’ll have a copy your original inspiration. Also, you’ll be able to bolt sites before you redesign them, in order to have a copy of where you came from.

The concept is solid and with Pinterest soaring in popularity, I can see a similar rise for BO.LT as well. But I am worried about their marketing. I signed up for an early invite, only to get my email invitation three days after a friend sent me a link to sign up.

That’s three days! 72 hours. How could a startup miss the ball. I don’t blame them for any wrong doing, I’m just curious how my friend, who didn’t sign up for an invitation ended up getting me in before my official signup did?

In the scheme of things, this might seem like a little thing and it could be. But I just can’t help but wonder why the invite didn’t get into my inbox on the same day as his email. If BO.LT launched itself to the public the day he sent me the invite, how come my invite from them wasn’t in my inbox as well?

The site still says “Enter your email to participate in our private beta launch.” Yet, my friend got me in from a fairly public link. Well, as I said it’s just a little thing, but then again you’ve got to be proactive these days. Twitter, Facebook and all other social mediums exist and one bad move could damage a beta test before it get’s off the ground.

As for using BO.LT, it’s as simple as Pinterest and I like the possibilities. What do you think?