The Interrogation of Edward Miller

I met Edward Miller at The Great Allentown Comic Con and he convinced me to pick up a copy of The Kronos Interference, penned by himself and co-author J.B. Manas. The copy was promptly signed and I read it. It was brilliant and I just had to get to know the authors individually.

During this interrogation we spoke of Star Trek, his writing both his Cadets series and The Kronos Inference, as well as, his touring as bassist in the band Silencer and many other topics that make Edward who he is.

Agent Palmer [AP]: What are your current whereabouts and how long have you been there?
Edward Miller [EM]: Currently live in Willow Grove Pa. Been here for 12 years. Before that 10 years in San Fran and before that all in Philadelphia.

[AP]: Did you choose to live there and why? Is it for a job?
[EM]: We moved here when we came back from San Francisco. We wanted to be close to Philadelphia but in the suburbs.

A Cheesesteak from Joe's Steaks & Soda Shop in Philly

A Cheesesteak from Joe’s Steaks & Soda Shop in Philly

[AP]: What town did you grow up in, and what impact did it have on you?
[EM]: Philadelphia born and raised. Typical Philly kid. Love food and sports.

[AP]: So, as a typical Philly kid, where is your favorite place to get a cheesesteak?
[EM]: Joe’s Steaks & Soda Shop on 6000 Benner Street.

[AP]: You said we, are you married?
[EM]: I’m married to a beautiful woman.

[AP]: Do you have any kids?
[EM]: I’m a step-father to a great young man and a young woman.

[AP]: What is your current profession and do you have any side jobs or professions?
[EM]: I am a Realtor and a writer.

[AP]: How did you end up as a realtor?
[EM]: I needed a job that I could make my own hours so I could spend more time writing.

Miller is a Realtor and a Writer

Miller is a Realtor and a Writer

[AP]: So being a realtor gives you the time you need to go after your other projects?
[EM]: Yes, it gives me the freedom to make my own schedule.

[AP]: Your bio states that you were a musician in a former life, but apparently not just a novice! Foghat, The Allman Brothers, Edgar Winter, .38 Special. Where there any others of note?
[EM]: I was a Bass player in the band Silencer. We opened up for Foghat, Molly Hatchet, The Outlaws, Edgar Winter, Johnny Winter, The Allman Brothers, Plasmatics, Romantics and many others. It involved a lot of traveling and many long road trips.

[AP]: Do you have any stories from touring that stand out in your mind, you’d be interested in sharing? And is life on the road in a touring band, really all we’re led to believe it is?
[EM]: Touring is not all fun and games. It’s long hours and can make you homesick…but there were plenty of wild nights to say the least….let’s leave it at that.

[AP]: Fair enough, how did the music come about?
[EM]: I grew up with the Beatles and Elvis. When I was a young man and saw all the attention these guys got I decided it looked like tons of fun.

[AP]: What is your favorite music?
[EM]: Rock and Roll.

The Beatles spark Beatlemania in the US

The Beatles spark Beatlemania in the US

[AP]: Who sparked your music inclination and what do you play?
[EM]: The Beatles, Elvis and The Rolling Stones piqued my interest and I played the guitar and the bass.

[AP]: You play both bass and guitar player, as do I, but do you have a preference for one or the other?
[EM]: I prefer the base. It’s the glue that keeps the music together.

[AP]: Specifically, what’s your favorite make and model?
[EM]: For bass guitar Fender Precision, for electric guitar Gibson Les Paul.

[AP]: I myself have many neglected guitars, I try to play occasionally, do you still play?
[EM]: I do not play anymore…but at times I do miss it.

[AP]: Why don’t you play anymore?
[EM]: Just don’t have the time for it these days.

[AP]: Do you think there is a correlation between musically inclined and being creative?
[EM]: Absolutely. The two are closely entwined.

[AP]: I understand they can be separate, but in my experience, they work very well together, even if you’re not an accomplished musician. Thoughts?
[EM]: You need creativity for both…so yes I believe there is a correlation between the two.

Miller loves his hometown Philly teams

Miller loves his hometown Philly teams

[AP]: And how did you jump from music to writing?
[EM]: I always enjoyed entertaining people and always had a creative mind.

[AP]: Was being an author your first choice for a career path?
[EM]: Nope. I wanted to be a baseball player, or a lawyer.

[AP]: And you favorite sports teams are?
[EM]: Phillies, Eagles, Flyers and unfortunately….The 76ers.

[AP]: My apologies about the 76ers, is there one sport that you’re more passionate about? Did you ever play any organized sports?
[EM]: I played baseball and football in High School. I love them both.

[AP]: Have you ever attended a sporting event that you will tell your children you were at?
[EM]: I was at the World Series both times the Phillies won and I was at the Super Bowl when the Eagles lost and at the Stanley Cup playoffs when the Flyers won the cup and when they lost, as well.

[AP]: Moving back to your writing, if you were not an author, what would have been your other career path, or what would you be doing now?
[EM]: Tough question….Not really sure

[AP]: When did you find your talent? Was it writing in school? If it was a learned skill, was there a class that really boosted your interest?
[EM]: I always had an active imagination and ran an online role play Star Trek group. Many of the people in the group said I came up with good stories and should try writing.

Miller ran an online Star Trek RPG

Miller ran an online Star Trek RPG

[AP]: Online role play is something many take part in, but have you ever done the tabletop variations, like Dungeons and Dragons?
[EM]: Nope. Can’t say I did.

[AP]: What was it like being the editor for a sci-fi simulation website, and what is that exactly?
[EM]: It was my job to come up with the story lines and run the simulations. It was sort of an online role play group.

[AP]: As far as writing is concerned some people are naturally talented, while others learn it. Did you come by it naturally or was it learned from the school you attended?
[EM]: I believe I always had the ability to write. Actually I wasn’t very good with English in High School.

[AP]: Technology has changed how stories are told. What are your thoughts on storytelling as technology encroaches on actual writing, replacing it instead with podcasts and audiobooks?
[EM]: I’m still old school. Not really into all the technology…but I understand the need for it.

[AP]: When you say old school, I assume you always have a pen and paper handy?
[EM]: Yes I do. Pen and paper always works.

The Kronos Interference by Miller and Manas

The Kronos Interference by Miller and Manas

[AP]: Well, I must compliment you on The Kronos Interference. I just couldn’t put it down it was a great read. But I must ask, what was it like co-writing a book?
[EM]: Writing with another writer is not an easy task. Jerry and I are very good friends and the idea for the story was mine and he had always written non fiction and wanted to write a fiction book so we worked together. Believe it or not we were able to overcome any issues and I believe we worked very well together.

[AP]: As an writer, what inspires you to start a new project?
[EM]: Not anything in particular. Ideas just come to me.

[AP]: Professionally or in your side projects, what are some of your big successes, public or behind-the-scenes?
[EM]: Just being a best selling author…oh and my wife. The fact she married me is a huge success!

Cadets by Edward Miller

Cadets by Edward Miller

[AP]: What can you tell us about any upcoming projects?
[EM]: Working on a book called The One and then another sequel to Cadets.

[AP]: With everything you have going on, how well do you manage your time? And how do you or don’t you manage it?
[EM]: I try to take mornings off to write…whenever possible.

[AP]: What is the most productive setting for you to accomplish your work?
[EM]: Early morning alone in my house.

[AP]: Would you consider yourself more of a morning person? Is there something about the morning that makes it a better time to write?
[EM]: In the morning my mind is fresher and clear…After a long day it’s impossible for me to concentrate.

[AP]: Who are your favorite authors?
[EM]: Dean Koontz….hands down and Michael Creighton

[AP]: And that would make your favorite books?
[EM]: Anything written by Dean Koontz.

[AP]: What about your favorite television shows?
[EM]: Star Trek, Criminal minds, Person Of Interest.

[AP]: And your favorite movies?
[EM]: Star Trek and Star Wars.

Miller loves his Star Trek

Miller loves his Star Trek

[AP]: Star Wars and Star Trek, if you had to choose one, could you and which would it be?
[EM]: Star Trek hands down. My favorite show of all time. My Cadets series is based on that type of action and storyline. And I would be Spock.

[AP]: As a Spock fan, do you sometimes hum, “The Ballad of Bilbo Baggins” as done by Spock himeself, Leonard Nemoy?
[EM]: No, I do not. However, I try to apply logic to all situations.

[AP]: What are your favorite ways to spend your, what I’m sure is minimal, free time?
[EM]: Writing, Going to concerts or sporting events.

[AP]: What hasn’t been checked off your bucket list?
[EM]: Going into outer space.

[AP]: When space travel is safer and more affordable, will you sign up and where would you want to go? Low level orbit, the moon, mars?
[EM]: Yes I would love to sign up and Mars it is.

[AP]: What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
[EM]: If is ain’t broke….don’t fix it.

[AP]: And the best advice you could give to someone is?
[EM]: Try to be a good person and help others.

In Conclusion

So there you have it. Edward Miller is a complex and talented man, but he is still just like the rest of us. Give him his Philly teams, his Star Trek and his favorite cheesesteak and he smiles. For more information on Edward or his partner in crime J.B. Manas, go to or like their Miller and Manas facebook page.

Next up the interrogation of J.B. Manas.