The Markham Knight Rises on Gotham Lights Podcast

My guest appearance on the Gotham Lights Podcast wasn’t about me. It wasn’t about the hosts, Henno or Stef, either… It wasn’t even about the television show Gotham, a show on it’s mid-season break which the podcast is based upon.

Sure many things were covered, but for me, for my part, and from my perspective it was about one podcaster dusting off the old microphone and talking on record again, for the first time in over a month!

The last time Grant Markham recorded a podcast before that fateful night Wednesday December 16th, was October 25th at 10am, 7 Days A Geek’s PODTOBERFEST went off air after 24 consecutive live hours… Of course, anyone could use a break after such a bold and successful experiment… So when given the opportunity to appear on air with Grant as co-guests on the Gotham Lights Podcast with Henno and Stef, how could I have possibly said “no!”

The Stranger Conversations with Grant Markham

The Stranger Conversations with Grant Markham

Grant orchestrated my first podcasting experience, and we’ve become good friends since. Meanwhile, Stef and I have also become friends through our work together in the Podtoberfest Writers Room and as Remote Producers of Podtoberfest, was well. And Henno is a rock star of podcasting with whom I’ve had the pleasure of recording with on shows such as Moving The Needle and Inglorious Gentlemen.

So, with all of that history, before hitting the record button, their can’t possibly be more back story, right? Wrong. There’s one small detail you may or may not have picked up on.

This is the GOTHAM Lights Podcast, a fan podcast or “fancast,” for Fox’s Gotham. How or why I became involved in getting on the show, other than always saying yes to podcasts that ask, is a mystery, but Grant, Grant is another story. Grant started watching Gotham at the beginning, but then he quickly began ranting about it on 7 Days A Geek, and I’m talking classic Grant Rants!

Then, Grant gave up on the show, and that was that… But it really wasn’t. Henno had been after Grant to appear on the show for months, despite Grant’s Rants, or maybe because of them, Henno wanted Grant on the show. I don’t know if I was a caveat, or just in the right place at the right time, but it all came together and on December 16th shortly after 9 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, the four of us went “on-air.”

Gotham Lights Podcast co-host Henno

Gotham Lights Podcast co-host Henno

There are two very interesting narratives that happened once we started recording.

The first and most interesting was listening to Henno take charge, then Grant, then Henno, then, well, you get the idea. Grant is by nature a show-runner, he comes by it naturally and honestly, so that was brilliant.

The second narrative was the narrative of the show. From Gotham small talk, of which the show is mainly based to Dr. Who, comic book television shows, Supernatural of which Stef is a huge fan, the future of television and streaming services, what it is like to jump into the middle of a series, Jessica Jones, drama in media, book to film, original ideas, remakes, copyrights, original ideas, Stef’s lost The Stranger Conversations episode, Grant’s podcasting sabbatical, podcasting in general, and a solid small Grant Rant about wanting to be more positive with his Grant Rants.

Then we lost Stef’s Skype connection and kept going. Once she returned we discussed Podtoberfest and that was it. Except, that was a lot of ground to cover in just over two hours.

Gotham Lights Podcast co-host Stef

Gotham Lights Podcast co-host Stef

I have to say, it was a blast. Not only did we cover a lot of ground but it was extremely enjoyable. Listen to the episode and you can hear the passion Grant still has for podcasting, despite his being on a sabbatical, plus Henno’s brilliance and last, but definitely not least, did you know that Stef can sing? And not only can she carry a tune, but she can carry a tune very well! Well, the secret is out now and so is the episode.

So what are you waiting for, this isn’t the podcast that Gotham fans are looking for, it is the podcast that all podcast listeners are waiting for and it’s out there, ready for your earbuds, headphones, speakers, or however you listen to podcasts.


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