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Jet Lag: The Game is worth the cost of Subscription

Jet lag is defined by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) as “a temporary sleep problem that usually occurs when you travel across more than three time zones but can affect anyone who travels across multiple time zones.” They define its cause as “a mismatch between a person’s normal daily rhythms and a new time zone.”

Jet Lag: The Game is not any of those things, and the only related thing to the CDC’s definition and cause is that players in the game often feel jet lagged at the end of the game and they are sometimes crossing time zones.

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Palmer's Trek

Palmers Trek Star Trek The Next Generation

Palmer’s Trek: Star Trek: The Next Generation

Set approximately 100 years after the original adventures of Captain Kirk and his crew, Star Trek: The Next Generation is on its own mission to boldly go to new places with Captain Jean-Luc Picard at the helm of his own crew aboard another Starfleet flagship.

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Six Nations: Full Contact is sports documentary at its most candid, primal

Netflix’s sports series are great at covering sports and aspects of sports that don’t often get much attention. Six Nations: Full Contact continues the tradition in setting a new standard in sports docuseries.

Like Netflix did on Drive to Survive with Formula 1, Captains with FIFA World Cup Qualifying, and Quarterbacks with NFL QBs, Full Contact takes you on the pitch, inside the locker rooms, meeting rooms, and homes of select players and coaches from the six nations of the 2023 Guinness Men’s Six Nations Championship, a Rugby competition between England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, and Wales.

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No Matter which Football you Love, Captains and Quarterbacks Offer Emotional Journeys for Viewers

Quarterback and Captains on Netflix


Where you are when you talk about it, defines which sport you are discussing. On Netflix, there exists two eight-part docu series about both of the sports. Captains follows six players who are attempting to lead their countries to the World Cup final in Qatar through qualification, while Quarterback follows three NFL QBs as they attempt to lead their teams to a Super Bowl victory.

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