The Collected Podcast Quotes of 2015 from Agent Palmer's Queue

This past year, I started collecting quotes from the many podcasts that I listen to.

Some of these are funny, some are serious, but to quantify, most of these don’t need any further explanation. That is to say, there are plenty of thought-provoking quotes that come from almost every podcast, but these all have the ability to stand alone.

While a lot of these come from WTF with Marc Maron and The Nerdist Podcast, that’s mainly because those are the most serious of the podcasts that are in my rotation. And the quotes from those don’t all come from the hosts.

Of the rest, some are funny, but for the most part these are thought provoking and honest quotes about many different things.

So without further ado, here is the wisdom from the podcast quotes of 2015.


“There are people that I think possess the keys. The understanding of darkness. Everybody wants to have an understanding of darkness without losing themselves in it. That’s the allure of it. How do I get a little bit of that without becoming that or without being enveloped in it.”
Marc Maron on Episode 579 of WTF with Marc Maron

“Just remember this, most people in your life don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about.”
Rob McElhenney on Episode 582 of WTF with Marc Maron 

Chris Hardwick of The Nerdist Podcast

Chris Hardwick of The Nerdist Podcast

“The worst questions that you ask in your life start with ‘What if'”
Chris Hardwick on Episode 649 of The Nerdist Podcast

Chris Hardwick: “Is there anything that keeps you up at night? ”
James “The Amazing” Randi: “Well, my diet… My doctor told me that my diet is simply that if it tastes good spit it out. But if it tastes like cardboard you can have seconds.”
– From Episode 654 of The Nerdist Podcast

“Humanity, by and large, does have an us and them disorder… Let’s go over here, ok ok we’re all in one group. Hey, fuck you guys over there!”
Chris Hardwick on Episode 655 of The Nerdist Podcast

“I guess I’ve always had an obsession for things that nobody else is obsessed by.”
Drew Friedman on Episode 590 of WTF with Marc Maron 

“You never know you’re in a golden age ‘til it’s over.”
Kristen Schaal on Episode 658 of The Nerdist Podcast

“There’s something about Pennsylvania, man, it’s heavy man… In my mind there’s a darkness to it. I don’t know if that’s true, I don’t know… but I feel the presence of something in Pennsylvania, in general, something I’ll embrace, not something I’ll feel negative about.”
Marc Maron on Episode 595 of WTF with Marc Maron

“Here’s the problem with me. I think everything is a chore, but I also know everything is going to work out fine for me … I’ve dumb-lucked my way into everything I’ve ever done in my live.”
Matt Mira on Episode 672 of The Nerdist Podcast

“And no matter what, the minute you go on the internet, you’re gonna be on the defensive.”
Matthew Weiner on Episode 673 of The Nerdist Podcast

The Stranger Conversations with Grant Markham

The Stranger Conversations with Grant Markham

“If you can’t say ‘no’ things just get piled on you”
Craig Nickel on Episode 20 of The Stranger Conversations

“Its hard to find a good drummer that has transportation.”
Chris from A.D.O Radio on Episode 9 of The Stranger Conversations

“I feel like we’re in the middle of this thing that I’m calling the “apocryphips”, which is basically, people with no information tell you or tell other people what’s going on, when they have no information.”
Chris Hardwick on Episode 673 of The Nerdist Podcast

“Tornadoes don’t build houses”
Chris Hardwick on Episode 675 of The Nerdist Podcast

“We are in sort of an observer culture, right? Where everyone is commenting on stuff rather than experiencing it, but I think it is, cause we have like so many options.”
Kumail Nanjiani on Episode 677 of The Nerdist Podcast

“Choice is our way to bypass natural selection.”
Stephen Tobolowsky on Episode 681 of The Nerdist Podcast

“On my facebook, by the way, I don’t put anything I don’t think I can defend… ‘Can I defend this,’ before I put it up…”
Kurt Metzger on Episode 608 of WTF with Marc Maron

“There’s no teaching people to come from a position of strength, at all, anymore”
Kurt Metzger on Episode 608 of WTF with Marc Maron

Scott Mosier of Smodcast on the Mic

Scott Mosier of Smodcast on the Mic

“It’s not what you think, it’s how you think.”
Kurt Metzger on Episode 608 of WTF with Marc Maron

“They can’t hit reset. They grow up in a world, where if losing a video game, they hit reset and start over… Kids are growing up with the idea that no one wants to lose, nobody wants to be on the losing team.”
Scott Mosier on Episode 324 of Smodcast

“Competition is good when it drives innovation”
Chris Hardwick on Episode 685 of The Nerdist Podcast

“I think everybody’s a bit of an asshole”
John Cusack on Episode 685 of The Nerdist Podcast

“Regrets are useless, they’re just useless, just act different”
Marc Maron on Episode 609 of WTF with Marc Maron

“We’re just total soundbyte culture now… People get their news, they’ll see like four words of a headline and they go ‘I got it’… I got enough information so I can get angry at the internet”
Chris Hardwick on Episode 688 of The Nerdist Podcast

“I feel like someone who is destructive, often can’t see it themselves…”
Janet Montgomery on Episode 693 of The Nerdist Podcast

Bob Guccione, Jr.: “I wanted to be honest with the reader and I don’t know how much you get that these days, frankly I hate to say it’
Marc Maron: “We live in a clickbait culture”
Bob Guccione, Jr.: “And also politically correct, nothing can ever be anything but politically correct, you know there’s only one opinion the prescribed opinion.”
Marc Maron: “For the most part there’s a faceless momentum.”
Bob Guccione, Jr.: “It’s gutless, gutless”
Marc Maron: “it’s gutless but it’s also impulsive”
– From Episode 635 of WTF With Marc Maron

Aaron Corbett of Podcast Without Borders

Aaron Corbett of Podcast Without Borders

“I just think all those PC people out there have found another reason to whine about something and to complain about something… This world of our sanitized language and our fucking politically correct culture that it’s become no one can say anything anymore because someone has to come up with a word for what you’ve done.”
Aaron Corbett on Episode 30 of Podcast Without Borders

“A sense of agitation is good”
Shirley Manson on Episode 732 of The Nerdist Podcast

“You understand nothing when you’re young”
Shirley Manson on Episode 732 of The Nerdist Podcast

“Some change can be good… Other change will be there to challenge you.”
Angus “Gus” Radford on Episode 28 of The Stranger Conversations

“What a brilliant little idea. What that guy doesn’t realize is there’s one thing that people love, it’s to talk about themselves, and if you’ve got a show dedicated to getting someone to talk about themselves, people will line up to be on your program.”
Chris Maier about The Stranger Conversations on Episode 21 of Diamond Minds

“But the moment you get away from your Mom and Dad your life explodes…”
Aaron Draplin on Episode 649 of WTF with Marc Maron

“As you get older you realize you’re just a curator of misperceptions and altered memories.”
Marc Maron on Episode 650 of WTF with Marc Maron

“I quite often think that we are a great big piece of paper when we’re in our teens and these people come along and scribble… and as you get older there are fewer and fewer spaces left so it takes a lot for someone to be able to get into your head and put their name in a corner somewhere…”
Nick Hornby on Episode 756 of The Nerdist Podcast

“The terrible terrifying part of becoming an adult is realizing either that all the options are gone and you’re stuck with this or that you’re gonna have to you know if you still do have options you’re going to have to go for one of them and it is a scary thing.”
Nick Hornby on Episode 756 of The Nerdist Podcast

“He said ‘we will always be here because we are eternal’ and I think on some level, that level of power is always there, no matter who owns the network or who runs things, and I think, whether, if you’re Michelangelo you had a Pope… There’s always on some level a patron… under whose blessing you work.”
Lorne Michaels on Episode 653 of WTF with Marc Maron

Marc Maron of WTF with Marc Maron

Marc Maron of WTF with Marc Maron

“One feeds the other, if you can’t care about the people you work with, you are probably going to have a hard time caring about the people you live with”
Lorne Michaels on Episode 653 of WTF with Marc Maron

“There’s something about when you watch team sports you understand, if you follow baseball, why you need a third baseman, because if someone hits it in that area and you don’t have anyone, you’re going to be very embarrassed. So there’s something about knowing you need the others, that uh, in order to be, for you to be remarkable, that’s a big deal.”
Lorne Michaels on Episode 653 of WTF with Marc Maron

“Whatever it is you say you’re looking for is the brochure, you know like what the real thing is when you see it and you’re blown away by it can you respond in the right way”
Lorne Michaels on Episode 653 of WTF with Marc Maron

“There’s a fine line between chemistry and weariness…”
Scott Cushing on Episode 91 of Reasons Are Several

“I just put my fingers anywhere and hope for the best.”
Elvis Costello on Episode 654 of WTF with Marc Maron

Chris Hardwick: “Do you have some good dad advice, what do you love about being a dad?”
Daniel Craig: “It’s the hardest thing you’ll do, it’s the most wonderful and hardest thing you’ll ever do. I try and keep what I do away from home, that’s a simple thing. You know, there’s no room for James Bond in my house.”
– From Episode 761 of The Nerdist Podcast

“Now listen, there are people that are fundamentally untalented that can have great success because their ambition is so focused and they work hard and there are people that are talented that have no success because their talent drains them of their ability to be successful, so you know, you gotta find somewhere in between, if you are talented you should try to figure out what those are and what the parameters are and how you can use them to help you as opposed to hurt you. If you’re not talented you’re going to have to work really hard and you’ll probably become more successful than a lot of your talented friends.”
Marc Maron on Episode 658 of WTF with Marc Maron

Marc Maron on WTF with Marc Maron

Marc Maron on WTF with Marc Maron

“I’m learning that these negative patterns are really what we call home. It’s what we’ve done, it’s what we come from…”
Marc Maron on Episode 661 of WTF with Marc Maron

“Intimacy is a broad… It’s a big tent, alright. Full of, with a full range of sounds and smells, ranging from the beautiful to the grotesque, that is what love and relationship is about. Engaging in all the sounds and smells of the person you’re with.”
Marc Maron on Episode 666 of WTF with Marc Maron

“See a lot of people don’t fucking understand, in this culture, what real criticism is and that there’s a context and there’s cultural relevance to it. But in order to keep their job, they write clickbait bullshit, they write snarky reviews, there’s a definite difference between a review and a piece of criticism and real critics are real writers, reviewers are generally any asshole and clickbait is cancer.”
Marc Maron on Episode 666 of WTF with Marc Maron

“You didn’t have to everything, just the interesting parts.”
Neil Strauss on Episode 667 of WTF with Marc Maron

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