Grant Markham gets Stranger Conned on The Quadcast Podcast

For those of us who have any behind-the-mic involvement on podcasts, listening to episodes can be quite the experience. We compare, we contrast, we contemplate. But within the independent podcast community, we also learn about our fellow podcasters and sometimes we even learn about our friends.

When my friend, Grant “TK1” Markham recently guested on Quadcast Podcast with Courtney “The Quadfather”, I knew going in it was going to be something special.

The idea was that Courtney was going to “flip the script” on Grant. No, it wasn’t going to be a different kind of 7 Days a Geek, it was going to be a tweaked version of Grant’s currently on hiatus show, “The Stranger Conversations.”

Now to those in the know and to those remotely close to my podcast circle, of which Grant is a large part, the idea of a therapist of any kind much less one actively working at a counseling center, sitting down with Grant–one of the most honest no holds barred podcasters in history–is intriguing.

But the hook of Courtney stealing Grant’s own show concept, made it that much more appealing and the results speak for themselves.

Quadcast Podcast

Quadcast Podcast

Sure, as Grant’s friend or even just as a listener of his many shows, and all of the episodes that they entail, I was sure I had heard it all from TK1. But there was the chance for something else. AND with Courtney not letting him off the hook for almost anything he said, I apparently had not heard it all.

Now on The Stranger Conversations–of which I guested on way back when it was still a regular show–Grant sat down with “strangers” or people whom he barely knew in order to get to know them better, and in turn, connect with them and possibly learn something about himself.

This was done with conversations that always lead to the “10 Questions’ Grant asked each one of his guests at the end of each episode. Courtney melded this into his own show, adding in a guess the movie section, tweaking some of the “10 Questions” and allowing people to send in questions.

This may sound like just another podcast but for fans of The Stranger Conversations, or listeners of the now defunct TLPS (The Last Podcaster Standing) or 7 Days A Geek, there is an inherent interest in the honesty Grant usually wields while holding a microphone.

To further the point, Courtney didn’t really let him off the hook for anything! Now I did have some involvement in this endeavor. The moment Courtney reached out asking for questions, I did what I do and wrangled some up. There were a lot of people interested.

The questions that Courtney generated–coupled with those I sent him from working my rolodex–were so numerous, that a rule was created for that segment where Grant could only answer in one breath.

The Stranger Conversations with Grant Markham

The Stranger Conversations with Grant Markham

Grant was given three mulligans so that he could keep right on talking if necessary, and of course he used them.

But I write all this setup for one reason. You should listen to this episode. I’m not going to say it’s Grant at his most vulnerable, or that it’s raw or edgy, but it is in fact enlightening.

Grant lays it all out there as he has so many times before. But this time, with a therapist on the other mic, he doesn’t get away with changing the subject. They discuss a great many things and if there was ever a book written about Grant Markham, this would clearly be one place to get some quotes and anecdotes.

The thing is, this episode is special, not for all the explanation I just gave it, but for some other mythical reason that I can’t quite put into words. It’s something that everyone should listen to. It’s something that will resonate with everyone, maybe not the whole episode, but at least parts.

There’s talk of too many things to mention and what strikes me may not strike you, but something will catch your interest. Of that you can be assured.

So sit back, relax, and press play on QuadCast Podcast “Flip the Script – Grant and his Stranger Conversations #136.”

Then feel free to tweet @QuadFatherMft, @insta_grants2, or @TheStrangerCons. Tweet comments, tweet reactions, tweet questions. I’m sure you’ll hear back from them…and if not, tweet me @AgentPalmer. I’ll get something out of them, or at least make a valiant attempt.

These guys captured something, perhaps it was “lightning in a bottle”?