Top 10 “On Air” Moments from PodtoberFest 2016

By all accounts and measures, PodtoberFest 2016 was a success. I’ve written at length about the goings-on behind the scenes, but as the last of the episodes has now been released as part of 7 Days A Geek’s 30 Days of Podcasting, it’s time to take a look at what happened “on air.”

As such I have devised a Top 10 of my own for the things that happened when the mics were hot, so that if you missed it or decided to pick and choose episodes, I might steer you in the right direction.

While this is a Top 10 list, they are in no particular order, as these are all great moments from the second incarnation of the “bold experiment” known as of PodtoberFest 2016.

1. Grant breaks Grant (and the rest of us) during Sidekicked
Yes, I was picked on a few times during the entire recording, but on average no more than the usual. Except, one of them was so unexpected and off the collar that it broke everyone for a bit, and the person who said it, was Grant…

It appears that Grant had not expected my appearance to be so “thin,” so from the moment I arrived “skinny” jokes were abundant. Fast forward to the reading of Sidekicked Part I, where after the phrase “her thin frame” Grant added “like Agent Palmer’s” and laughter ensued.

2. All of the hashtag games
One of the things that you may have missed from the “live” airings is the fun that was had by those of us on air and those listeners who were in the chatroom. And as a successful carry over from last year’s PodtoberFest we continued the tradition of playing hashtag games in the chat.

Grant on the Mic

Grant on the Mic

At the end of most of the hours fellow producer Stef read the best of the best, and sometimes the worst of the worst, but it’s all great. PodtoberFest and all of the podcasts involved have some of the best listeners out there. I’m not saying that to just say it, I’m saying that because the listeners of all of those shows, are funny in their own right and I know enough of them to know it’s not just a fluke thing. So keep an ear out for those at the end of most hours.

3. The Shumway Radio Play
Written by Stef, Bill, Ed, and myself, The Shumway Radio Play made its first airing during PodtoberFest 2016 to rave reviews. Well, those rave reviews came from the live listeners in the chatroom but they all enjoyed it and I’m sure you will too.

The play takes a look at some of the day to day hullabaloo at our fictional Shumway Industries. And let’s face it, coming from some of the same minds that created PodtoberFest, how could it be anything other than entertaining? Since then, there’s even been the release of a “Shumway Halloween Play” that also occurs in our fictionalized workplace.

4. Debut of the new theme song by Henno
The first thing that regular listeners of 7 Days A Geek will notice during this year’s PodtoberFest is a brand new theme song for 7 Days A Geek.

Yes, the talented Henno (creator of podcast themes) gave the podcast a much more cheerful earworm of a theme song, that has been stuck in the minds of the listeners and those involved since it was first pumped through the system.

Bill has a Call on Line 1

Bill has a Call on Line 1

5. Wicked Theory gets a call from Uncle Vito
Personally, this was one of my favorite hours during the listen back. Bill Sweeney of The Wicked Theory Podcast took over an hour and during that hour he and the boys received a call from Bill’s Uncle Vito.

What happens next is comedy gold. Later in the hour many in the room took part in “Lightning Round,” and Bill’s permanent show guest Edward O’Hare “TBD” joins in remotely for a discussion on The Return of Captain Invincible.

6. The Shumway Conversations
People have been clamoring for more Stranger Conversations, so Grant relented a bit by pulling out the stops and letting loose on all in the room for PodtoberFest with “The Shumway Conversations.”

This lasted for more than one hour, taking over not just the 11th, but a good portion of the 12th hour of the first day. And with the announcement of The Stranger Conversations Season Two, it’s time to brush up on your Stranger.

7. Family Feud
What happens when you invite Quadcast Courtney onto your podcast to host a game show that pits Team USA against Team Canada? A podcast-style Family Feud that brings out the competitive nature of all involved.

Yes, The Angry Ginger was a temporary Canuck for this, but the hilarity that ensues makes one of the must-hear moments of PodtoberFest 2016.

The Angry Ginger and TK1

The Angry Ginger and TK1

8. Paula’s Quiz
If you want to divide 7 Days A Geek, just get a nice Canadian Podcast host, Paula Allen from the Tell Me Stories Podcast and have her devise a quiz that puts 7DAG co-hosts The Angry Ginger and The Kilted One against each other, for a prize of pride and a gift on the line for a listener of each of their choosing.

Let’s not pretend here. Once Ginger and TK1 get competitive, things can get out of hand, but I’m not too sure they weren’t both harder on themselves for anything they got wrong.

9. Operation Thrifty Moose
What happens when you take three Canadians; the nice one, the cheerful one, and the quiet one, and send them out to buy certain items at an American Grocery store? And you also spring it on them at the last moment?

Operation Thrifty Moose” happens! Diamond Dave, Paula Allen, and Dougie were sent out to a big American supermarket to buy some groceries, and what happens next, you’ll just have to listen to find out.

10. Bill calls Grant a “Vocal Sponge” during Wiki Wiki Whaa Hour 3!
What is a “vocal sponge?” Not only do we cover what it is, but we cover how Grant “The Kilted One” is probably a great example of such a thing. Yes, it comes up during this hour and is a very interesting conversation on what would have appeared to be just an off the collar comment, but it does come up again, so take notes.

There you have it. Those are my Top 10 “On-Air” Moments from PodtoberFest 2016. Have you listened to all 24 hours? Were you in the chatroom for some or all of them? If not, boot up your podcast listening app of choice. If so, or if you have just started listening, what are your favorite moments from this year’s PodtoberFest?

Wed Did It!

Wed Did It!