Promise by Palmer Music Playlist

Promise. It’s quite a word. It can be a declaration that one will or won’t do something. It can be legally binding. It can be a reason to expect something or an expectation of success. It can also be a pledge.

It’s a versatile word, and because of that, I decided to see what a variety of artists could make of a promise by creating a playlist.

This playlist, which is not comprehensive and is only just selected by me, consists of nothing but songs titled “Promise.” No, there will be no articles or pronouns, just solely the word “Promise” as the title of the song. And no plurals either. (That’s something else). Specifics matter, because one search for songs with Promise in the title on your music streaming platform of choice can render you with more options than you have time to look into.

So I’ve selected a few to make a playlist out of and I’ve chosen a few of them to highlight here.

Promise by Eve 6
The lines during the breakdown are the reason I really fell in love with Eve 6’s humor as a band. That’s it. It’s fun. “Why you gotta keep the fan on high when it’s cold outside? Just want to let you know that I’m still a fan, get it?”
What’s the promise? I promise not to leave.

Promise by Laufey
This hauntingly beautiful “it hurts to be something, it’s worse to be nothing with you” song feels like a classic movie come to life in one song.
What’s the promise? To distance myself.

This would be a picture of my editor with his Simple Plan merch on from back in the day, if I had access to one of those pictures.

Promise by Simple Plan
While there were a lot of bands hitting during my college years, this one was in high rotation. Also, not all pop punk songs have a guitar solo this sustained or long…
What’s the promise? I promise we’ll be just fine.

Promise by Princeton Marcellis
Any song dropping lyrics with Zion Williamson included brings a smile to my face. Why? I don’t know, but it was enough to warrant inclusion on the list.
What’s the promise? These songs will always be true.

Promise by Johnny Suite
I really enjoy the duality of the poetry in the lyrics that make up this song. It’s great writing done very well.
What’s the promise? To be better for you.

Promise by Shrek is Love
An entire album with contemporary original music based on Shrek? Sign me up. This song and the subsequent discovery of this album is one of the joys of doing this kind of a music list.
What’s the promise? I will set you free.

Promise by Mikey General
Mikey General with a reggae beat has a few promises for yourself to be strong. It’s not only a banging song, but it is one of the few that’s an internal promise with no external forces at all.
What’s the promise? You ain’t giving up…

Promise by Jack and the Weatherman
Not all promise songs are as hopeful in lyrics and sonically as this one. But it’s just got a nice beat that goes hard with some folk-style lyrical building.
What’s the promise? Promise you’ll come back, come back to me.

Happy Listening! And before you ask… The next playlist will be plural… Promises!