No Persons Living or Dead were harmed in the making of this move

I’ve been quiet for a few months. It’s all because I’ve moved from one secret lair to another. Moving can be quite difficult, but for those of us with collections, regardless of what they may be, it can be downright scary!

I had an overlap in occupations at both of my lairs, so I was able to prep my new one first. I highly suggest doing the same if you’re able, even if it means paying rent for one lair and a mortgage for the other. I was able to gradually move over my stuff while cleaning, painting and carpeting the new lair.

If you have a collection of comics, books, bobbleheads, collectible cards, etc, make sure to move them all at once. Admit it: We’re all fairly neurotic when it comes to our collections, and this is a great way to be sure that they don’t get separated from the group. Again, I was able to move my comic collection while I was prepping the new lair.

Packing up Messy CollectionsIf you don’t have an overlap in occupations, label EVERYTHING. I was able to avoid this, as I moved gradually over the last two months, allowing me to move similar items together.

If you are going to paint and carpet the new place, it’s best to do it before you move. Painting, of course, should precede carpet installation. I didn’t have to use drop cloths in most cases, because I wasn’t going to keep the old carpet. Once the painting was done, the carpet was installed. Also, carpeting, like painting, is much easier to complete without having to move furniture.

If you can’t help this, I would suggest unpacking as you settle new rooms. For example, if you can fit the living room furniture in the dining room, do it and work on painting and carpeting the living room, then move it all the items to the living room, shift your focus to the dining room, and continue until the house is complete. This may seem like a lot of work, but it’s much easier and cheaper than buying drop clothes and trying to maneuver ladders around sofas and tables.

Lastly, unpacking seems to be an issue for most people moving. When I first started the moving process, I heard from many people that they had still not unpacked all their boxes from their last move (some having moved at least 20 years ago). As an admittedly neurotic person, this seems ridiculous.

Curlos Unpacking in Animal Crossing

Curlos Unpacking in Animal Crossing

If you’re going to a larger space, there is no reason not to unpack. That doesn’t mean you should be content to keep it all either. In the packing process, you may find things you just don’t use or even want any more. Don’t pack them. While unpacking, you may find additional things to get rid of. Put them in a pile and give them away or eBay them. There is no law that states you have to keep everything.

If you’re going to a smaller space, you will be served to just keep two piles while packing – “Keep” and “Toss.” Worst case scenario, you can always find a friend to temporarily store your collection of Beanie Babies. Just give them a percentage of the take from eBay when you come to terms with getting rid of them, and everyone wins.

Really, when it comes to moving, use your head. There is no one system to rule them all. Do what you can within your means and you should be fine. Moving is stressful but, hey, at the end of the day, unless you pay professional movers, you can just bribe your friends with alcohol, food, or even a place to crash when they’re in town again to help move your stuff. (It worked for me!) When you’re done, you’ll still have good company around you, because let’s face it, only true friends will help you move.