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Bye Bye Barry Makes Me Wish for More Modern Men like Sanders

Bye Bye Barry is a 2023 documentary that focuses on the circumstances and mystery surrounding Barry Sanders’ decision to retire at the height of his abilities. It’s told in a way that may actually satisfy some football fans’ sense of wonder regarding the decision.

But in order to understand the circumstances around his walking away, you have to tell the story of who Barry Sanders was and his career up until his retirement.

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Quiet Literary Giant Gets Attention He Deserves in Radical Wolfe

I can’t help but be in awe of some of the authors I have read in my lifetime. Many of those authors came from a different time, and there are two specifically that I haven’t read as much of as I want. One is Hunter S. Thompson, and the other is Tom Wolfe, who is the subject of a new documentary released at the tail end of last year.

Both authors are similar in my view as I’ve read only one of each of their books. For Hunter, it was Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas some decades ago, and for Wolfe, it was The Right Stuff just a few years ago.

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You Can’t Spell “National Champions” Without NIL

You can spell National Champions without NIL a 2021 Movie Review

National Champions is an interesting, if not ill-timed, feature movie released in 2021 based on the play of the same name by Adam Mervis. It’s a well written brief that encompasses all of the arguments for and against paying collegiate athletes.

What makes this ill-timed is that the relief valve of the NCAA’s NIL deal was enabled the same year the film came out. In fact, the NIL rules went into effect in January of 2021, while this film was released almost 11 months later in December of that year.

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