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Top 10 Great Voices in Baseball: Part Two

Continuing on with the countdown from part one, we arrive at my top three great voices of baseball. In fairness, for most fans, it’s their local teams broadcasters that make the plays special.

But for me, as just a baseball fan, it’s not just the Orioles’ broadcasters, it’s the few classic guys that are left, too and of my top three only one is still on the broadcasting on the air (albeit in a limited capacity).

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Top 10 Great Voices in Baseball: Part One

In the annals of baseball history there are great players and teams. There are championships, records, amazing plays and dramatic innings. But the guys that bring them to life with their voice, through our televisions and radios are just as important. This is the beginning of my top 10 great voices of baseball list.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am a fan of the Baltimore Orioles but that doesn’t define my baseball fandom. I am a fan of the game.

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