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Have you heard of Preacher? This is how I came to know Reverend Jesse Custer.

Preacher Comic

Have you read Preacher? I’m not asking because there is a show on AMC based on those comics. I’m not asking because I was on a podcast called “Preacher vs. Preacher: A Comparison Companion.” I’m asking, because it is flat out a great read!

How did I come to find this comic from the 90’s? How did I end up on that podcast? Truthfully, it is all Bill Sweeney’s fault, Bill being a friend and the host and creator of The Wicked Theory Podcast.

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Ten Geeky Flags to Stand Under

10 Geeky Flags to Stand Under

Once upon a time, President Woodrow Wilson established National Flag day as June 14th, with a proclamation in 1949. This holiday commemorates the adoption of the flag of the United States and that’s all fine and good, an honorable commemoration if ever there was one, but truth told, my fellow geeks and I often stand under other flags (or banners) besides our national ones.

So, with that in mind, here are just a select few of the many fictional flags/banners that geeks stand under and for.

Let’s take a look…

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10 Interesting Independent Films Coming Out in June

June 2016 Independent Films

Recently, I appeared as a guest on the Geek Up and Go podcast for their June Movie Preview episode, and I did a little excess homework.

We discussed all the big releases, but I took the time to watch all the independent trailers I could as well, so I’ve decided to share my thoughts on a few of them.

Now, I can’t guarantee I’ll be seeing these in the theater, that’s based upon what comes to the independent cinemas near me, but I will be keeping an eye on them for their streaming releases. And you should too.

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A Companion to My Declassified Top Secret Podcast Appearance on The Podcast Digest

A Companion to My Declassified Top Secret Podcast Appearance on The Podcast Digest

It has happened.

No, it’s not a shock that I appeared on another podcast, but it is quite the surprise that I appeared on The Podcast Digest.

This doesn’t go back that far, although I have reached out to Dan to guest on his show before. Most recently, I was told “not without a podcast of my own,” by Dan on The Diamond Dave Show, but with all of our Twitter sparring, this was a fun secret.

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Significance of Aerosmith’s live 1998 internet concert overlooked online

Significance of Aerosmith’s live 1998 internet concert overlooked online

Recently, I was on the Our Liner Notes podcast talking about first concerts. Since mine was Aerosmith on their Nine Lives Tour, I thought it fitting to bring up another first concert I had. So in preparation I did some research on the first concert I watched online back in 1998…

That was the beginning of the rabbit hole. There’s isn’t much the internet has to say about this concert, leaving me to wonder why there isn’t more on this should-be-groundbreaking concert. In the wake of it’s absence, I’ve attempted to find out a little more about it and share that information and my thoughts.

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