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Back in Noir: Netflix and Marvel are Back in Business with Alias Investigations’ Jessica Jones

Netflix and Marvel are Back in Business with Alias Investigations Jessica Jones

On November 20, Jessica Jones made the leap from the pages of Marvel Comics to the small screen, or any screen, with the release of her very own Netflix series.

This is Marvel’s second Netflix series which follows the success of Daredevil this past spring.

Early on Jessica Jones is full of subplots as it was designed to be. Taking its cues from classic film noir, these subplots are all connected, but they are just as much devices to confuse and complicate a story as they are a part of that story. As a classic film noir show Jessica Jones dramatically succeeds.

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A Companion Piece to Agent Palmer on Diamond Minds Podcast

Diamond Minds Podcast

Recently, I had the pleasure of joining the father and son podcasting duo of Paul (Father) and Dave (Son) Maier on their show Diamond Minds. It’s mainly about the two of them catching up and staying in touch, while discussing topics with and without guests coupled with bad jokes and heart warming puns!

Why was I on? Because I was asked! But I wasn’t really asked, it was a suggestion made by Paul on the episode prior to my guest spot on Episode 27 “Secret Agent Man.”

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An Agent Palmer Book Report: Where Wizards Stay Up Late: The Origins of the Internet

Where Wizards Stay Up Late: The Origins of the Internet

To succeed in many fields, it’s very important to have a base knowledge of the history within that field. Doctors learn about the history of medicine, writers learn the origins of the written word, and mechanics learn the basics behind the machines they’ll be working on.

However, it struck me as odd, that as a blogger and professional web guy, that I didn’t have more than the faintest idea of the history of the Internet, which is where I make a considerable portion of my income, professionally and otherwise.

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