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Something Wicked This Way Comes…
(Wicked Theory brought the Podcast to Me)

Something Wicked Theory Comes This Way

I got a surprise this weekend. I was always told that my first appearance on the Wicked Theory Podcast would not be via Skype, this is fact. So I surmised that would mean going to the Wicked Theory Podcast studios, but… they had other plans and the podcast came to me.

Yes, it was absolute shock! I was completely not ready for it. Bill and the gang got me and they got me good. I would like to assume that a good time was had by all, but you’ll have to ask Bill, Bob and Ed for their thoughts.

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What you should listen to: Reasons Are Several Podcast

Reasons Are Several Podcast

I can’t tell you Reasons Are Several is a sports podcast because sometimes it’s not. I can’t tell you that it is a geek podcast or a movie podcast or a music podcast or a comedy podcast because sometimes it’s not.

However, what I can tell you is that most of the time it is a combination of at least three of those things which makes it fantastic. It really should be a part of your weekly listening queue.

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Captain America: Civil War A Spoiler Free Rant.
“Can You Enjoy this in a Vacuum?”

Captain America Civil War A Spoiler Free Rant

Captain America Civil War is indeed a great popcorn movie and another strong addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). But I can’t help but wonder how much you miss if you aren’t fully absorbed into the MCU.

It has all of the action, drama, and comedy, that comes from the great writing we expect from the MCU, but it also stands like a keystone on top of everything that came before it in Phase One and Phase Two.

It has so many callbacks, not just in plot, but in dialogue, that I just have to ask, “can you enjoy this in a vacuum?”

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