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#CTPinJuly on The Stranger Conversations: A “Social Experiment” You Need to Experience


What happens when you take a podcast of four individuals made up of two couples and isolate them?

What happens when they’re asked about themselves, each other, and then the same 10 questions?

What happens is magic, and that magic was created by Grant Markham, host of The Stranger Conversations, when he sat down individually with the four members of Couple Things Podcast.

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From Vinyl to MP3 and back to Vinyl… A History of Music Mediums and a Question

From Vinyl to MP3 to Vinyl

When I’m doing research or writing post drafts “old school” with pen and paper, I listen to vinyl records on a turntable in the basement of my house.

I don’t exclusively listen to vinyl, mind you. It’s just something different. I also don’t consider myself a hipster, either. So I wonder from time to time, not only why I do it, but why there is a cult-like movement that occurred to bring it back?

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