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Agent Palmer Proxycast Episode 13: Talking Podtoberfest on Passers-by Podcast

Passers-by Podcast or The Agent Palmer Proxycast Episode 13

Recently, Bill of The Wicked Theory Podcast said that I am a “proxycaster.” “Palmer doesn’t need his own podcast, he has yours.” As such, when I appear on a new podcast, I will be using the term he coined for me.

So with some revisionist history, my appearance on Passers-by Podcast is actually Episode 13 of The Agent Palmer Proxycast. For those keeping score at home I have created an episode guide.

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All the President’s Leading Men: Fictional Presidents and their Best Orations

Fictional Presidents of the United States of America

President’s Day is almost upon us, a time to celebrate both the first President of the United States of America George Washington and the 16th President Abraham Lincoln. In some states, they even add the third President, Thomas Jefferson, into the mix.

They’re obviously wonderful historic leaders worthy of the recognition. But in honor of those great men, I’ve decided to dig into the fictional Presidents of movies and television to list some of the greatest quotes and speeches from the fictional giants.

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The Story of Chrono Trigger is the story of a Rare Assemblage of Unrivaled Talent

Chrono Trigger Box Art cropped SNES

Chrono Trigger is one of those classic titles that generate nostalgia and a real sense of reverie amongst gamers. Released back in 1995 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System – it was a critical and commercial success.

I’m not exaggerating when I say few games released in the past 20 years measure up to this RPG masterpiece. Some younger gamers or those unfamiliar with gaming might not understand Chrono Trigger’s significance, but that’s okay.

I’m an old nerd whose wanted to write about this for a while.

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A Recap of the Podcasts involved in the “Week of Palmer”

A Recap of the Podcasts involved in the Week of Palmer

The “Week of Palmer…” You’d think it was orchestrated, but it really wasn’t.

Starting on Sunday January 17th with Our Liner Notes followed by The Wicked Theory Podcast on Monday January 18th, 7 Days A Geek on Tuesday January 19th and ending with Reasons Are Several on January 21st, the “Week of Palmer” occurred as an unplanned, welcome period of time with shout outs, stories and questions on four different podcasts.

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