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How the Internet Happened by Brian McCullough is a brilliant book about the story of the Internet Era

How the Internet Happened by Brian McCullough

“From the emergence of the first browser through the boom of social media, this fascinating history reveals how the internet changed everything we thought we knew about technologies–and ourselves.”

That first sentence from the inside cover flap explains in broad strokes what How The Internet Happened: From Netscape to the iPhone is. But it is more than that.

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Airshipwreck by Len Deighton is about the downfall of the magic of Zeppelins

Airshipwreck by Len Deighton & Arnold Schwartzman

Zeppelins, or rigid airships, are now just a distant memory. While there are still blimps occasionally in the sky over our heads, they are in fact similar but not the same. The airships discussed in this book, Airshipwreck, are what was and at one time they were the future.

For author Len Deighton, who wrote this book, “the airship has a magic that the aeroplane cannot replace. The size is awesome, the shape Gothic, a pointed arch twirled into a tracery of aluminum. And the reality is not disappointing.”

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Fifty Questions Answered by Agent Palmer

50 Questions Answered by Agent Palmer

In what seems like another time and place, my former producership at 7 Days A Geek, had me coming up with an idea to fill time with the two hosts at that time, The Angry Ginger and The Kilted One.

So, I compiled a list of 50 questions, to get two episodes out of asking them each the same lot of questions separately. And it went well… So well in fact, that I was able to ask Bill of The Wicked Theory Podcast the very same questions.

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