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Wall Street, For Lack of a Better Word, is Brilliant

Wall Street 1987 An Oliver Stone Film

From the Chairman of the Board, Frank Sinatra, singing “Fly Me to the Moon” over the opening credits to the Board of Teldar Paper at the annual stockholders meeting where “Greed is right,” and from the showdown in Central Park to the battle of father versus mentor and the morality of Lou, it all adds up to Wall Street, a film that will always be relevant so long as there is either a stock market or someone looking to make a quick buck.

And, no, the two are not mutually exclusive.

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Meerkat is Not the Next BIG Thing, It is just the Next Thing

Meerkat is Not the Next BIG Thing

Meerkat is trending. This is a fact. Partly it is trending because it’s a new name on the social media scene and partly because of its issues with Twitter’s Open Graph. But Meerkat is not new, nor is it innovative. It’s old and automated.

Meerkat has been described as SnapChat for live video with the added benefit of being tied into Twitter, so that all of your followers get the link to your live stream.

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The Now Defunct Maxis Software Tops List of the Top Five Defunct Video Game Developers

Game Over Top Five Defunct Game Developers

Although games and series may continue on after company or licence acquisitions, mergers and bankruptcy, the original developers who created the games can at times be forgotten, but that’s now how it should be.

Game developers deserve the same recognition that the original artists get when their songs are covered by newer or different musical acts. In truth it’s their legacy, because like the original artists who wrote the musical notes and lyrics of a song that gets covered, these original developers created the script and code to the original game and that should not be forgotten.

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