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Top 10 Moments from the Eventful 2014 Tour de France

The 2014 Tour de France was all about Vincenzo Nibali

The 2014 Tour de France ran from July 5th to July 27th. This 101st edition of the Tour was made up of 21 stages and covered 3,664 km, containing nine flat stages, five hill stages, six mountain stages with five mountaintop finishes, one time trial and two rest days.

The Tour started in England lost a few big names along the way to Paris. In their absence the race was still competitive, for the Sprinter’s Green and King of the Mountain’s Polka Dot Jerseys. The Yellow Jersey and General Classification was decided early quite early on, with Vincenzo Nibali’s performance in Stage 2 and the withdrawal of both Christopher Froome and Alberto Contador.

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Galilee by Clive Barker is a Masterpiece

Galilee: A Romance by Clive Barker is a Masterpiece of the Written Word

Galilee by Clive Barker is a departure from what most people know of his work; horror. This is a fantastical book. It’s a book about a book, a story about a story. The book is about Maddox putting to paper the histories of his family, the Barbarossas. But to do that he must also tell the story of the Gearys and the title character, Galilee, is the thread that binds these two families together.

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What everyone can learn from Germany’s World Cup Title Run

Germany changed their system and it paid off in the 2014 World Cup

Germany stands atop the game of football (or futbol or even soccer, depending on your country of origin) as the 2014 World Cup Champions. This isn’t a shock as they’ve been here before – three times, in fact – making this their fourth World Cup.

This makes them a powerhouse in their sport, but it was how they managed to get to World Cup Championship No. 4 that makes this impressive.

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