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Ryan Lynn signing one of his Prints

The Interrogation of Artist and Graphic Designer Ryan Lynn

Commissioned artist for CBS. Aspiring astronaut. Potential vampire.

There’s a lot to learn about graphic designer Ryan Lynn, as you’ll find in the following interrogation, like how his weekends are spent recharging his batteries and how his day job, at 4O1! Creative, provided him his first foray into the world of Agent Palmer.

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What you should listen to: The Nerdist Podcast (The Big Bang of the Nerdist Industries Juggernaut)

The Nerdist Podcast

Before Nerdist Industries was a juggernaut, before there was the Nerdist Podcast Network and the Nerdist YouTube Channel, there was a podcast; The Nerdist Podcast, not to put too fine a point on it.

Chris Hardwick, along with Matt Mira and Jonah Ray, usually accompanied by a celebrity, commonly of nerd or comedic fame, have conversations and record them for the entertainment of many, many fans, across many, many fandoms.

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In Suspended Reality, How Important is Proper Syntax?

Nedrys Workstation in Jurassic Park

The question started to fester after spotting a Tumblr post entitled “Source Code in TV and Films.” It’s a brilliant concept of taking an in-depth look into the code on computer screens in television shows and movies and finding out what it really is.

The lines of code in SwordFish are from a DES cracking program, Nedry’s screen from Jurassic Park appears to be source code for a SGI UNIX machine, the boot up sequence for the Mark I version of the Iron Man suit in Iron Man written to boot up the suit for Tony Stark’s escape is some butchered C code, but does it have to be? Does it have to hold up?

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