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PodtoberFest 2016: Prepare Yourself, They’re Doing It Again!

PodtoberFest 2016

Soon podcasters from around the world will conduct a two day podcast extravaganza known as PodtoberFest 2016.

This year’s incarnation, building off of the tradition of last year’s continuous 24 hour live broadcast, will be split into two 12 hour live recordings on October 7th and 8th.

The list of talent behind this year’s event includes veterans from last year’s successful attempt and a few new additions…

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Sully is probably the first film built for awards season released in 2016

A Movie Review of Sully

An In-depth Report by Agent TBD.

How do you make a feature length film about an event that only lasted for three and a half minutes? The short answer is that you show the event twice and you don’t start the first time until about a third of the way into the film.

The better answer is that you don’t make the movie about those three and a half minutes. You make it a character study of the man who lived through that event.

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Engineering my return to Fantasy Football through Proxycasting


Are you ready for some Fantasy Football? I know I am!

This year, I am participating in the Couple Things Podcast Fantasy Football League. The draft happened just days ago, and the season is upon us…

While I am ready (kind of), my draft wasn’t what you would call brilliant. I am stacked at Running Back and I have solid Wide Receiver options, but my starting Quarterback after the draft was Ryan Tannehill, and my backup is going to be Jay Cutler when he clears waivers.

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2016 College Football Season Preview Conference Winners with Reasons Are Several

2016 College Football Preview

Before the 2016 College Football Season kicks off, I joined Matt on Reasons Are Several to talk about rivalries, traditions, and to make predictions and picks for the upcoming season.

We predicted conference champions for each of the major conferences in the FBS, as well as our semi-final and final matchups, plus our prediction for the National Champion and Heisman trophies.

The episode is all the college football you can handle and maybe more.

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