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Entertainment Listening: Podcast v. Music: Finding Balance

Entertainment Listening: Podcast or Music

It is no secret that I enjoy listening to podcasts. I have written about them, I have reviewed them, I have participated in them, and then I created and continue to publish my own. But I am also a lover of music, which I have also written about, reviewed, and played.

Of late, podcast listening has taken a back burner to music, specifically Bob Dylan, R.E.M., and some curated playlists on Spotify and Amazon Music.

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Love and Peace: Five music documentaries that make me love the 1960s

Peace Love and Music Documentaries

Not all documentaries are created equal. Some are out to prove a point, others hope to make you think, and even more are out to entertain, uncover, or educate. Music documentaries do a lot of those things, except they obviously tend to have music.

In having said music, the talking heads are commonly musicians or fans, and even the most serious music documentary has some light moments of laughter.

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Spoiler Free Review

Spoiler Free Review of Len Deighton's Winter

Depth of Deighton’s character arcs on full display in Winter

Winter: A Novel of a Berlin Family by Len Deighton is a familial masterpiece. Starting with Harald Winter and focusing on his two sons, Peter and Paul Winter, this novel follows the family’s journey as their spouses and friends are all intertwined in chaotic and random events as history unfolds with World War I and World War II.

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Sports Pages and Aviation Airplane cards represent the needless stuff of a meandering generation

Sports Pages and Aviaation cards represent the needless stuff of a meandering generation

There’s been a lot of talk about the naming conventions of a certain generation of late. I am one of those unfortunate souls stuck in between, particularly of the newly coined “geriatric millennials,” but it did come with some benefits. We were adaptable to the technological advances of our time, but we also got to experience the joy of the mundane as did our predecessors in Generation X.

Two of those things I came across while cleaning out some old boxes that highlight the mundane were Newfield Publications’ Sports Pages and Edito-Service Military Aviation Airplane Cards.

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