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A Book Review of Preston Tucker A Biography: The Indomitable Tin Goose by Charles T. Pearson

Preston Tucker A Biography

I saw my first Tucker at the America On Wheels Museum in Allentown, Pa., a few years ago. With just that taste, I found a thirst for more knowledge of this mesmerizing car, and I’m not what you would call a car guy.

This lead me to a the movie directed by Francis Ford Coppola and starring Jeff Bridges as Preston Tucker in Tucker: The Man and His Dream. But the movie wasn’t enough, and I later ended up receiving Preston Tucker A Biography: The Indomitable Tin Goose by Charles T. Pearson as a gift from my family.

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What you should listen to: WTF with Marc Maron

WTF with Marc Maron WTFpod Podcast

Let’s do this… Lock the gates!

When comedy meets music, narcissism, philosophy and cats in an ongoing psychotherapy session you have WTF with Marc Maron. What the Fuck…

Following the cancellation of Marc’s show on the now defunct Air America radio network, Marc started his WTF Podcast by trespassing in the Air America studios to record the first few episodes, before moving himself to Los Angeles and his podcast into his now infamous garage.

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Bring ‘em on: Honoring the Granddaddy of Legendary FPS titles, Wolfenstein 3D

Wolfenstein 3-D or Wolf3D for short by id Software and 3D Realms

Before Call of Duty, Halo, Quake, Duke Nukem, and Doom, there was Wolfenstein 3D or Wolf3D for short.

In the modern history of time-travel conversations, someone will inevitably say they want to go back in time and kill Hitler. It’s a theme from dorm rooms and coffee shops to Smodcast. However, this Godfather Game of First-Person Shooters allowed you to do just that.

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Lessons of WarGames still Ring True, Even with the Dated Technology of the 80s

WarGames is a classic 1983 America Cold War science-fiction film

WarGames is a classic 1983 American Cold War science-fiction film. The film is about hacker David Lightman, played by Matthew Broderick, who unknowingly hacks into the United States Military WOPR (War Operation Plan Response) computer when trying to get early access to some ProtoVision video games.

What is it about this movie that makes it a classic and one of my favorites? Is it the acting? The plot? The Lesson? The Nostalgia? It’s a wonderful combination of the acting, the plot, the lesson, and most recently the nostalgia that sets it apart for me.

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