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With “Waiting for the Punch” Marc Maron & Brendan McDonald have Created Something for Everyone

Waiting for the Punch by Marc Maron and Brendan McDonald Book Review

Waiting for the Punch by Marc Maron and Brendan McDonald might be one of the best compilations of stories you’ll ever read. It’s part manifesto, as the introductions that Maron writes in this book are just as insightful and impactful as the stories that are contained in each chapter.

It’s part self-help book, as you can’t help but put each nugget of truth in the context of your own life. And lastly, it’s part historical catalog of the human experience.

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A List of the Top Tangentially Holiday Movies

A List of the Top Tangentially Holiday Movies

Some call them non-traditional Christmas movies, but I prefer to call them, as the title says tangentially holiday Movies. I’ve also heard them called non-Christmas Christmas movies. Potato potahto…

All of these Movies have at least a passing mention of the holiday season, but are not centered around that fact.

So, for the Scrooge’s out there… This is a list where you could argue a Christmasaholic into watching, and I think you should, especially if they make you sit through hallmark holiday movies.

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Spoiler Free Review

Red Alert by Peter Bryant

Red Alert by Peter Bryant is a Chilling Tale and a Must Read

Despite the time that has passed, the advances in technology and politics, Red Alert by Peter Bryant is still a chilling tale when it is viewed in its original text and not the satirical lens of the great Stanley Kubrick film, Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb.

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Don’t Pass on MoviePass

Do Not Pass on MoviePass

MoviePass is currently a $9.95 per month movie ticket subscription service started by the co-founder of Netflix. Even though I consider myself a gadget guy, I am not the guy who will pay hundreds of dollars for the first-of-a-kind product like when CD players, Blu-ray players, or the Roomba debuted.

Even though I love Apple, I have never bought a first-generation Apple product. I tend to avoid new products unless they have amazing ratings from customers I know well or I have seen them in operation. Partially, I avoid these purchases because buying them is essentially gambling.

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