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A List of the Top Tangentially Holiday Movies

A List of the Top Tangentially Holiday Movies

Some call them non-traditional Christmas movies, but I prefer to call them, as the title says tangentially holiday Movies. I’ve also heard them called non-Christmas Christmas movies. Potato potahto…

All of these Movies have at least a passing mention of the holiday season, but are not centered around that fact.

So, for the Scrooge’s out there… This is a list where you could argue a Christmasaholic into watching, and I think you should, especially if they make you sit through hallmark holiday movies.

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Five Reasons Agent Winchester Loves Kingsman: The Secret Service

Kingsman The Secret Service

I love Kingsman: The Secret Service a lot. According to the Panel to Screen extra on the Blu-ray, the movie is a “postmodern love letter to spy movies.” Director Matthew Vaughn felt that spy movies have become too serious and no longer fun, and this movie is the result.

Hollywood talent agrees as well. Keep in mind the A-list actors who are in this: Colin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Caine, and Mark Hamill.

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The A to Z Files

Agent Hunt's British Isles A to Zed Playlist

Agent Hunt’s Collaborated British Isles A to Z Playlist

Disclaimer: This playlist is not necessarily the best that the British Isles has to offer. Rather it’s an A to Z of great songs by bands that I like listening to. Some are many decades old, while others are relative youngsters. Although this was curated with a certain audience in mind; it contains a degree of autobiography as it’s impossible not to link music to life events and moments in time. This playlist was also a collaborative effort, in places, so credit to my wife for some noted contributions.

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