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Entwined Legacies Celebrated in “The Day the Music Died” Doc

The Day the Music Died Documentary

It’s a song about legacy that ended up with a legacy all its own. “The Day the Music Died” is a documentary about “American Pie,” how it was created and written from Don McLean himself and his producer, as well as how it became a legendary piece of music.

This documentary is 94 minutes of entertaining history about the longest number one hit single in history. For those counting, the song runs eight minutes and 36 seconds.

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Track by Track

Aerosmith Nine Lives Track by Track

Track by Track: Aerosmith – Nine Lives

Released on March 18, 1997 Nine Lives was the first studio album released by Aerosmith since 1993’s Get a Grip and the first on Columbia Records since 1982. Since that time, Aerosmith had revived their career on Geffen, and this four-year period was their longest album drought since the creation of the band at that point.

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“Like a Rolling Stone” wonderfully orchestrates the work of journalist Ben Fong-Torres

Like a Rolling Stone wonderfully orchestrates the work of journalist Ben Fong-Torres

I thought about being a rock star as an early teen as if it was that easy. I also thought about becoming a journalist for a period in my late teens, which seemed much more realistic. I even minored in journalism in college, so it was definitely in my wheelhouse.

Somehow, being a rock journalist never made the list, even temporarily, of things I want to do when I grow up.

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“Quincy” perfectly celebrates a living legacy

The Netflix original film Quincy isn’t just a great documentary about Quincy Jones’ prolific music career. It’s a great reminder that, as an icon, Quincy’s reach and the scope of his work went far beyond entertainment and into social justice and the ongoing inspiration of generations.

Whatever you conjure in your mind when you read about Quincy Jones on the page or in this post, is just a fraction of what he has accomplished…

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