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Track by Track: Guster - Lost and Gone Forever

Track by Track: Guster – Lost and Gone Forever

Two years after the 1999 release of Guster’s Lost and Gone Forever, my friend Josh handed me a mixed CD full of Guster songs. It was mainly centered around this album but also featured songs from the band’s two previous studio albums and some live bootlegs. I have been a fan of Guster ever since.

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The Mandolin Rocks: A Playlist

Mandolin Rocks A Playlist by Agent Palmer

This blog post was written as a response to a podcast, where the mandolin was unfairly and viciously attacked because, well, there was no reason. It was entirely unprovoked and someone needs to stand in and defend the mandolin from Matt’s attacks on Our Liner Notes.

And apparently, I have decided that I am that person. So in defense of the mandolin, here are some tracks that include and even feature the little instrument that could.

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The Birth of Loud: Follows the Creation and Adoption of Iconic Electric Guitars

The Birth of Loud Leo Fender Les Paul Ian S Port Book Review

What we know of as rock n roll, is not only the story of music but the history of instruments as well. The Birth of Loud chronicles a rivalry that was at the center of more than one musical movement and it is superbly written by Ian S. Port who not only describes the people and their instruments, the trials and innovation, but the feelings of change and moments of inspiration.

Author Ian S. Port writes this book not only with great prose, but there’s some poetry in there too. His description of Hendrix at Woodstock performing the Star-Spangled Banner is the best I have ever read…

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A Marvelous Marvel Comics Inspired Musical Playlist

A marvelous Marvel Comics Inspired Musical Playlist

Marvel’s influence on popular culture and the references to Marvel within that culture has been rising equal to the rise of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), but this list is proof that Marvel had its hand well into the popular culture well before the rise of the current MCU.

As with the DC inspired playlist I created, these songs need to be inspired by the comics, so Black Sabbath’s Iron Man, which is totally and completely unrelated to the comic character doesn’t get to be on the list. And no, it’s inclusion at the end of the 2008 Iron Man film doesn’t give it a pass.

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Track by Track

Harry Chapin Greatest Stories Live Track by Track by Agent Palmer

Track by Track: Harry Chapin – Greatest Stories Live

I was very lucky to have parents with good taste in music, so when I tell you that I have revisited an album from my childhood that I still love to this day, it could be any number of genres, bands, or artists, but in this instance, it is Harry Chapin Greatest Stories Live.

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