UNDISCLOSED LOCATION—Relatively obscure internet personality Jason Stershic, perhaps better known as Agent Palmer, recently celebrated two years of The Palmer Files podcast. Released every other Tuesday, Palmer has now self-produced 53 episodes on numerous topics with a variety of guests.

Highlights of The Palmer Files’ small but mighty roster of guests includes noted composer of Ralph Bakshi’s “Wizards” Andrew Belling; science fiction author and Skywalker Sound sound designer Essa Hansen; Jim Henson, George Lucas, and Dr. Seuss biographer Brian Jay Jones; “The Tolkien Professor” Dr. Corey Olsen; and space flight historian Amy Shira Teitel.

Palmer’s conversational podcast explores many veins of creativity and the human condition, including such themes as friendship, living with anxiety, surviving tragedy, and much more. Listeners are treated to a host who understands his guests and helps them share their passions with the world through open discussion.

“I enjoy getting to know how things happened, and why they happened. I’ve been enthralled by the capacity that everyone has to share those stories, even if they need a little help or convincing to do so,” Palmer said.

Other podcast highlights include a solo episode about Palmer’s podcasting origins (53), a compilation of his guests’ final question for the host from his first 25 episodes (42), a four-episode series discussing friendship (25 -28), and even a conversation with his mom (50).

Palmer continues to search for guests with interesting stories to tell through The Palmer Files. To reach the host, email theagentpalmer [at] gmail [dot] com or tweet @agentpalmer.

Agent Palmer is the online persona of lovable curmudgeon Jason Stershic. Blog posts are published each Thursday at, and new episodes of The Palmer Files debut every other Tuesday wherever you find your favorite podcasts. Learn more at and