“Welcome to the Jungle, baby… You’re gonna diiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.” Yes, it’s Week 14 in the NFL and although there was a game on Thursday, I don’t count that too much, personally because I don’t have any Browns or Steelers on my team, but if you do I hope you had your line-up all set, otherwise, I hope you didn’t and that you’re matched up with me.

I know that there are a lot of people who didn’t make the playoffs. I know there are some who had bad seasons due to negligence, or injury, or in some cases stupidity. In any event, if you’re on the outside looking it, I hope you enjoyed your season, start trying to figure out how you’re draft went so wrong, or start taking note of perpetually injured players and don’t rely on them anymore.

There are some big happenings this week in the scheme of pro and fantasy football. Can the Packers keep it going? I know of a few people who relied on Aaron Rodgers to get them not only to the playoffs, but a first round bye. If the Pack don’t continue to win, next week in the Semi-Finals, Rodgers owners could be looking at a One Quarter performance, which may be better than other QBs, probably isn’t going to help you win in the playoffs.

There’s also the disintegration of Ndamukong Suh. As one of my teams was the benefit of the Lions getting me a whopping 50 points in week 8, without Suh, the Lions roar is more of a moew.

Regardless, good luck to those of you who are in it, good luck next year to those of you who aren’t and remember, stat projections and match ups are one thing, but trust you’re gut, it’ll be right more often than you think.