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Engineering my return to Fantasy Football through Proxycasting

Are you ready for some Fantasy Football? I know I am!

This year, I am participating in the Couple Things Podcast Fantasy Football League. The draft happened just days ago, and the season is upon us…

While I am ready (kind of), my draft wasn’t what you would call brilliant. I am stacked at Running Back and I have solid Wide Receiver options, but my starting Quarterback after the draft was Ryan Tannehill, and my backup is going to be Jay Cutler when he clears waivers.

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Knight Birds ~ Fantasy Baseball at it’s finest

Yahoo Fantasy Baseball

As we start the 4th week of the baseball season, there’s a lot of fantasy goings on. At least in my clubhouse. Since 2007, I’ve been an avid fantasy baseball owner. Playing a daily pitch and ditch style, monitoring who’s hot and who’s not, and making moves to better my team. I’m a huge fan of baseball.

But like most devout fans, my fandom wavered.

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Welcome to the Playoffs!

“Welcome to the Jungle, baby… You’re gonna diiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.” Yes, it’s Week 14 in the NFL and although there was a game on Thursday, I don’t count that too much, personally because I don’t have any Browns or Steelers on my team, but if you do I hope you had your line-up all set, otherwise, I hope you didn’t and that you’re matched up with me.

I know that there are a lot of people who didn’t make the playoffs.

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