This edition of Small Oddities contains a range of topics from dinosaurs to bombers, from castles to Futurama. Running the gamut of techniques from photography and digital art to cartoons and digital spoofs, each is created with talent, although the range of emotion may be from fun to serious to horror, they’re all great. This time I’ve chosen five examples and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

The Cast of Futurama by Unrellius

The Cast of Futurama by Unrellius

First up is an epic piece of fan art. The most epic piece of fan art of the 30th Century, featuring the complete cast of Futurama in one glorious image.

Heads in Jars, animals, robots, aliens, spoof characters, bobbleheads, monsters, mutants, food, brains, well you get the picture. It was created by Unrellius, who spent “around 14 months” creating this piece, which contains, “about every character that appears in Futurama.”

Spy vs Spy - Breakfast Drink

Spy vs Spy – Breakfast Drink

Next up is a wonderful piece of art for readers of Mad Magazine.

Spy vs. Spy has never gone out of fashion. The internet if full of their exploits as written and drawn by fans of the series. This one, by a regular Spy vs. Spy artist, Cluny91 is titles, “Spy Vs. Spy – Breakfast drink.” Putting Joke (the black spy) and Dagger (the white spy) against each other in a battle of drinks, Joke has Cafe, while Dagger has milk. It’s an interesting twist on the two, but an enjoyable twist at that.

Jurassic Dino Park

Jurassic Dino Park

Following our two spies are the lovable dinosaurs of Jurassic Park.

The Tyrannosaurus Rex is happily playing on the swing set, the Triceratops is coming down the slide and the Velociraptor is on the seesaw, although he’s in the air, and we don’t know who row what is weighing down the other side.

This is available from artist Naolito as a T-Shirt in his NeatoShop. It’s a great piece of wordplay based off of the novel or movie (your choice) as he literally made children out of three iconic dinosaurs. And they seem to be having a great time in the park. Let’s home no one tries to take the swing from the T. Rex, I can’t imagine that going well for the other party.

The Dark Castle

The Dark Castle

The Dark Castle by DannoGerbil is digital art that looks traditional. In the description he says it is, “a¬†quick sketch done through sketch pad on iPad air. Just a test really.” I’m not sure if this is a testament to technology or DannoGerbil the artist for how it turned out looking more like traditional art. Either way, it’s a sign of things to come.

The piece itself is a little dark and forbidding. It’s not the kind of castle you’d expect to find a princess in, if anything, it’s something that might be Gannondorf’s Evil vacation home. The clouds surrounding it, look as if someone cast a evil spell of protection of obstruction. The glow from the windows doesn’t give off a welcoming atmosphere either. It may have only been a test, but it passes with flying colors.

No Problem at All B-25 Mitchell Bomber

“No Problem at All” B-25 Mitchell Bomber

Lastly, is “No Problem At All” by JolieRougeArt. It’s a beautiful photograph of a B-25 Mitchell Bomber. The B-25 was a twin-engine medium bomber used by the Allied forces in World War II.

The B-25 may not be as large or as well known as the B-17, which starred in the film Memphis Belle, but it is just as majestic in flight as the B-17. The B-25 in this picture is named Problem Child and seems to have been well kept, as it appears to be in exquisite condition. I myself have seen the B-25 at an airshow (you can the photos in my Airshow Gallery on deviantart), and let me tell you it must have been an awe inspiring sight and sound to see and hear a large formation of B-25s heading towards you or just flying overhead.