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Ever the Scientist, Sagan Connected All the Dots in the Original Cosmos

COSMOS Carl Sagan

If you want to go back to school to learn all there is to know of the known and unknown universe, you can’t do much better than the 365 pages of Cosmos by Carl Sagan.

“The Cosmos television series and this book represent a hopeful experiment in communicating some of the ideas, methods and joys of science.” This, at least in print form, is completely accomplished.

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Genius & Anxiety Sets the Record Straight on a Perilous Century

“In a political climate where anti-Semitism is resurgent and revisionism goes unchallenged, this history is a counterpoint to the fake news and false assumptions. From the humble hamburger to the space rocket, everything has a Jewish reason.”

The last paragraph on the inside dust jacket for Genius & Anxiety by Norman Lebrecht is not only the reason for its being, it is also a reason to open its pages.

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Palmer's Trek

Star Trek The Original Series as watched by Agent Palmer

Palmer’s Trek: Star Trek The Original Series

It may seem hard or foolish to summarize all 79 episodes that comprise Star Trek: The Original Series into a single review, but for someone who’s watching the vast majority of it with fresh eyes for the first time, it’s easy to do.

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Palmer's Trek

Palmer's Trek A Star Trek Journey

Palmer’s Trek: A Star Trek Journey

Palmer’s Trek, the unwatched frontier. These are the voyages of Agent Palmer. On his continuing mission: to explore Star Trek. To seek out its numerous series and movies. To boldly go where many fans have gone before!

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Entwined Legacies Celebrated in “The Day the Music Died” Doc

The Day the Music Died Documentary

It’s a song about legacy that ended up with a legacy all its own. “The Day the Music Died” is a documentary about “American Pie,” how it was created and written from Don McLean himself and his producer, as well as how it became a legendary piece of music.

This documentary is 94 minutes of entertaining history about the longest number one hit single in history. For those counting, the song runs eight minutes and 36 seconds.

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