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Agent Palmer Teamed Up with Vengeful Jedi for a Geekful GeekDig Podcast

GeekDig Podcast

My first appearance on the GeekDig podcast came about spontaneously through a lack of communication within an online community in which the host Vengeful Jedi (Clint Thiele) and myself are both apart of.

A whole bunch of the podcasters and others in that community traveled to Portland to attend Rose City Comic Con (RCCC) and due to the horrible internet connection within the con we were left with much less updating then was advertised, though not to the fault of our friends.

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Outstanding art, music of ‘Heavy Metal’ captured lightning in a bottle in 1981

Heavy Metal Movie Poster 1981

Heavy Metal was released on Aug. 7, 1981. It was produced on a meager $9.3 million budget, but grossed nearly $20 million dollars during it’s initial theatrical release. Twenty-five years later, after some music industry scuffles about song rights, the film was re-released, as “Louder and Nastier than Ever,” in theaters on March 8, 1996 and later that year was released on VHS and Laserdisc, which sold over a million units. Five years after that in 2011, it was released on Blu-ray.

The film follows closely to the magazine it shares its title with, in that it was a film made up of 10 stories, although only nine were released. The only differentiating factor between the movie and the magazine, is that the movie is tied together with the Loc-Nar, while the magazine stories are not tied together at all in any given issue.

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