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The Newsroom… Welcome back Mr. Sorkin

Aaron Sorkin Newsroom on HBO

I finally found the time to watch Aaron Sorkin’s new show, “The Newsroom.” I should have found the time sooner. It reminds me of the first few seasons of West Wing, fast paced, witty and extremely well written. It Mr. Sorkin doing what he does best.

The critical reviews have been somewhat mixed, but I can’t see why. Is it because this show isn’t on NBC? Is it because they expected him to change the formula for HBO?

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The Muppets are Back. I didn’t know they left!

Stattler and Waldorf - The Muppets

I am so very impressed with The Muppets. I grew up with them, in fact, I’m in the last group of kids who watched new episodes of Jim Henson’s legacy. Nickelodeon, was still playing original episodes of “The Muppet Show” and “Fraggle Rock” were still alive and well. So for something that I grew up with to still impress me, feels like a big deal.

And what Disney has done, and I’m not the biggest Disney fan (far from it), socially through the use of available technologies to make The Muppets relevant again, is truely a masterpiece.

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