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The Death of Hollywood Royalty, Iconic Characters, and the Need for Original Content

The Death of Hollywood Royalty

A Special Report by Agent Ellipsis

If 2016 has taught us anything, it’s that death catches up to us all in the end. Unfortunately, this includes our favorite iconic characters as well.

Hollywood has hit a crossroads that seems to be left out of modern cinema conversation: what do we do when an actor or actress that has established an iconic character wants to retire, or worse, passes away?

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The Beginner’s Guide to Clammr

Clammr App Tips from Agent Palmer

“The human species has been around for 200,000 years and we’ve been coding our communication in text for less than 3% of that time. I think speaking and listening is a really natural mode of interacting with people.” – Parviz Parvizi

Recently, I was invited to co-host The Diamond Dave Show with David Maier as a special co-host along with Matt from Reasons Are Several to interview Parviz, one of the brilliant minds behind Clammr.

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I appeared on the Inglorious Gentlemen Podcast and Now I Have a New Alias

Inglorious Gentlemen Podcast

Introducing Lord Harry of Palm, that’s me! Or at least that’s me when I appeared on the Inglorious Gentlemen Podcast.

It’s “an eye opening podcast of gentleman discussing topics that always turns south into the dark side of men.” But the purposed of this post is to explain how I became Lord Harry of Palm and to divulge the wonderful time I had with the Gents of Inglorious Gentlemen.

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