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Dreaming Big with Science Fictions that I would like to see as Science Fact

Cloaking Device from University of Rochester is Groundbreaking and Simple

With the news of researchers at the University of Rochester developing a “three-dimensional, transmitting, continuously multidirectional cloaking” device, it’s time to dream big.

This cloaking device is being related to Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak but, in truth, cloaking or invisibility has been a part of Dungeons & Dragons, science fiction, comics, gaming, and literature well before J.K. Rowling put pen to paper.

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In Suspended Reality, How Important is Proper Syntax?

Nedrys Workstation in Jurassic Park

The question started to fester after spotting a Tumblr post entitled “Source Code in TV and Films.” It’s a brilliant concept of taking an in-depth look into the code on computer screens in television shows and movies and finding out what it really is.

The lines of code in SwordFish are from a DES cracking program, Nedry’s screen from Jurassic Park appears to be source code for a SGI UNIX machine, the boot up sequence for the Mark I version of the Iron Man suit in Iron Man written to boot up the suit for Tony Stark’s escape is some butchered C code, but does it have to be? Does it have to hold up?

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The Beginning of the End for Physical Media?

On January, 18th, 2014, the Los Angeles Times Entertainment Section ran an article that was titled, “Paramount stops releasing major movies on film.” I’m very aware of the new technologies that exist – digital media players have made physical albums a thing of the past and streaming video services have made DVDs virtually obsolete – so the fact that Paramount is “the first big Hollywood studio to embrace digital-only U.S. releases” should come as a natural progression.

But I, for one, don’t really know how I feel about this. Sure, I consume music and watch movies and television shows through various streaming services, but I’m not ready to go completely digital.

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14 Movies I’m looking forward to in 2014 | What to Watch in the Next 12 Months

There are movies that you have to see on opening night, movies that you’ll rent, movies that you’ll see eventually and simply movies that you’d like to see. Below is the kind of list that contains all of those, but the one constant is that I want to see them all at some point.

I’ll be the first to admit that I usually don’t care to see 14 new movies in a given year, usually 6 or 7 tops, but this year I wrote them all down they totaled 14, what luck!?

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