Giving Gifts to Geeks

Gift giving seems to be something that people only think about during the holidays, but there remain plenty of reasons to give gifts year round. Some people even do it for no apparent reason!

Regardless of the occasion or lack thereof, shopping for a geek, self-subscribed or otherwise, can be at times challenging to say the least. Geeks usually tend to shop for themselves on a regular basis, after all.

Gift cards for restaurants and stores are acceptable, but for something with a little more thought, here are 20 options that will that will enthrall your geek!

Physical Media

No, it’s not dead!

Buy their favorite movie in a new format

Buy their favorite movie in a new format

1. Upgrade their favorite movie from DVD to Blu-Ray. To a normal person this would seem redundant, but to me, as well as the recipient, this will be awesome, because not only does it usually contain better picture and sound quality, but it also may contain additional features or commentary tracks.

2. Purchase the Original Score or Soundtrack to their favorite movie or television show. Yes, there is a difference between a Soundtrack and a Score and, yes, depending on the person there can be a wrong choice. Getting them both, however, will definitely be a victory.

3. Vinyl is having a renaissance of sorts, so picking up an album could be the ticket. Your resident geek doesn’t even need to have a record player because that isn’t always the point. For example, if you know your geek is into the art of the legendary Frank Frazetta, you can pick them up a copy of Molly Hatchet’s self-titled debut album, which has Frazetta’s famous “The Death Dealer” painting gracing its cover.

Molly Hatchet Album Covers Feature Amazing Artists

Molly Hatchet Album Covers Feature Amazing Artists

4. If your geek is of a certain age, for a third the cost of a new XBOX One or PS4, you can get them a working refurbished NES, SNES, or other retro gaming console with games. And let’s be honest, they’ll probably freak out when they open it… Now don’t you want to see that?

5. Old school video games are also a great idea. Find out what they’re into now and then find the godfather of that genre. Do they play Call of Duty? Get them Doom or Quake or Duke Nukem 3D. Do they play World of Warcraft? Get them the original Diablo or Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness. If they’re enough of a geek, they won’t have any trouble getting these games to play on their current operating systems and, for them, that could be part of the fun.

Comics, Books, & Magazines

Yes, you can actually read non-digital volumes of text!

6. Does your geek have graded comic books? You know, comic books encased in plastic with a number in the upper left hand corner? If so, you may be able to procure an ungraded version, usually in some form of disrepair, but it is a copy they’ll actually be able to read and enjoy. It will remind them that reading comics can be just as fun as collecting them.

7. Trades and Omnibus collections could be another treat. Trades, hard or soft cover, are several comic books bound into one book, and an omnibus could easily be described as many trades bound into one book. These are more than fun to read, they’re great pieces for collections and look wonderful on bookshelves.

8. Special editions of classic, and sometimes not-so-classic, books can also be found. Some have variant covers or are signed by the authors and as with the comic book trades and omnibus books, these are also great collector’s items.

First Editions of The Lord of The Rings Trilogy

First Editions of The Lord of The Rings Trilogy

9. Along the same lines, but still very different are first editions. These can be a kind of holy grail to some fanatics of particular books and although they can be more expensive than special editions, they represent a thoughtful gift, because they aren’t so easily found.

10. Retro magazines are another great idea. If your geek enjoys Magic: The Gathering for example, see if you can score a few of the now out of print Duelist Magazines that used to herald new sets with articles, deck building ideas, card combos, and puzzles. You could also get some retro Nintendo Power magazines for a gamer.


Does this lightsaber go with my robe?

Rebel Alliance headphones

Rebel Alliance headphones

11. With the premise that every smartphone is also a music and podcast delivery device, getting someone a quality pair of noise cancelling headphones is a smart choice. Even if they already have a pair, more can be better. You can also get them a pair of fandom stylized headphones, such as those with a Star Wars Rebel Alliance logo. You know them best, so get them a unique set for whatever their passion is.

12. A new bag could be just what the doctor ordered. For guys and gals alike, the messenger bag is the current staple of geekdom accessories. Take a good look at their current bag. Many are attached to the bag they have, but if you can get something that is similar but newer or even better, they’ll be appreciative.

13. Head wear, be it a hat or helmet could also be a nice idea. Dr. Who, Indiana Jones and Firefly fans all have an idea of what should be on their head. Even Star Wars fans might enjoy a Stormtrooper helmet. As long as you have an understanding of their fandoms, you’ll be able to choose wisely.

Geek Mugs abound on the Internet

Geek Mugs abound on the Internet

14. Although all smartphones tell us what time it is, watches are still very much in fashion. These can represent any and all fandoms and it doesn’t have to be a wristwatch. Pocket watches are just as fashionable.

15. Most geeks have a drink of choice, usually coffee or tea, and that requires a drinking receptacle of some sort. Many wouldn’t consider this an accessory, but to me, my coffee mug is a necessary accessory to any morning and most afternoons! If your geek is a caffeine addict, this is a great option.

Fandom Accouterments

Some people wear their fandom on their sleeve… Others sleep in theirs.

A Lord Of The Rings Axe of Gimli

A Lord Of The Rings Axe of Gimli

16. Replicas are not just for the avid collectors. Replicas of many things can be found in varying price ranges for any fan of their favorite show or movie. Prices range from pocket change to expensive investment, so shop around. You can get that replica sword without breaking your bank if you’re willing to do the research.

17. Figurines or toys will make a nice gift as well. Yes, there is a difference and, no, it isn’t universal. In my experience, you play with toys you display figurines, so it is how they are used that defines the item, rather than the item defining the use. Either way, if they’re big into something, there is probably a toy or figurine that can be found for it.

18. Household items. As you can buy chairs, desks, and lamps featuring sports teams, the same can be said for Star Wars, Star Trek, and many other fandoms. You can even extend this into the kitchen with an R2-D2 bottle opener or the bathroom with towels and, of course, in the bedroom with sheets for all fandoms.

Animation Cel from Count Duckula

Animation Cel from Count Duckula

19. Animation cels, original art, and posters are another great gift, and they’re in abundance. Look on eBay or run a simple Google search for the show or movie that your geek is a true fan of and you’re bound to find something for them.

20. Tickets to conventions, events, or movies always make a great gift. Even if you’re not going with them, they’ll appreciate that they are going and they’ll thank you for it. It doesn’t have to be the grandfather of them all like tickets to San Diego Comic Con because they’ll likely be just as happy to attend the comic con in their backyard.

In Conclusion

Many of these items can be found on ThinkGeek or eBay, others will take some searching, but you can be sure your geek will be happy that you put in the time and effort to find them the perfect gift.