Dr Selvig Mavels Thor The Avengers

In my first review of Marvel’s the Avengers, I ended with a diatribe about my geekdom getting watered down in the process of making it consumable for the masses. I recently saw the movie a second time and again I thoroughly enjoyed it. There is one thing that I need to discuss, or point out, as an addendum to my first review.

One thing to consider, about my first post, is that everything I said was criticism and it was not meant as a condemnation. That’s a very important concept for people to understand. I stated in the first review and I stand by it, that the movie was fun to watch. It was in fact, great entertainment. But there was a plot hole within Marvel’s well woven universe that I feel I must point out.

At the end of Thor, we see Nick Fury speaking with Dr. Selvig about the cube. Perhaps more importantly, we get a glimpse of Loki and the impression that Dr. Selvig is already under his control. In the simplest terms, Dr. Selvig is already Loki’s pawn at the end of Thor. How then can Loki make Dr. Selvig his pawn again at the beginning of Avengers? Can you repawn your pawn?

In the comic book Marvel Universe, as opposed to the cinematic Marvel Universe, something like that would never fly. It’s a ripple in the universe you just never see in comic books, so why then on the big screen is it allowed to happen?

Dr Selvig and Loki at the end of ThorIt all ties back to my view of watered down geekdom. Marvel can’t assume people saw the scene after the credits in Thor. And Captain America was released in between Thor and Avengers, so in the public eye that’s a whole movie in between an important scene and the redundant scene. So with that said, Marvel can’t assume that it’s common knowledge that Loki is already living rent free in Dr. Selvig’s brilliant mind. As such, it’s something they needed to redo. But why?

Why not just edit the end of Thor into the beginning of Avengers? It just seems so simple, it’s been done before, so why not do it? For this I have no answer, just a question… Why?

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