The Great Allentown Comic Con Day 1

It may not be as glorious or newsworthy as San Deigo but Allentown, Pennsylvania has it’s own Comic Con, The Great Allentown Comic Con. Today was Day 1 and it was very enjoyable. Now I do admit, that looking through boxes of comics may not be most people cup of tea, but I for one enjoy the thrill of the search.

So after searching through troves of comics, trade paperbacks and the like, I headed off to a panel entitled “Comic Greats and Legends.” Tom Smith, Neil Vokes and Bob Hall to us of their horrors and triumphs within the industry. An industry I may add that has changed quite a bit, but still hearing of the way it was, was a great way to spend some time.
Licensed by Royalty Anime
Next, back in the crowd of the main hall, I set my sites on a booth with DVDs, I wasn’t really looking at anything in particular when I struck up a conversation about my appreciation (love is a strong word) for Lupin the 3rd. It lead to my purchase of the L/R (Licensed by Royalty) complete series. For me a steal at just $15, because I have been looking for it on DVD since the trailer intrigued me some years ago on one of my Lupin DVDs.

Next, off the a Panel of the Joint 501st Legion and Rebel Legion Star Wars Trivia Contest. I was late, so I missed the trivia, but the guys of the 501st told of their experiences as Stormtroopers in costume and as fans creating their weaponry and armor.

That was the first day of The Great Allentown Comic Con. An event I may add that I thoroughly enjoyed. And as I’ll be in attendance tomorrow, who knows what that may bring, to my collection or memories, after all, Chewbacca himself, Peter Mayhew will be speaking on a panel at noon.