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A Guide to Dressing Classy, Yet Sexy, This Halloween

Not Everyone Can Pull This Off For Halloween

A Special Report by Agent Ellipsis

Halloween is upon us, and although it’s easy to get excited about the haunted houses, scary movies, and the plethora of candy, it can be just as easy to feel shocked or discouraged by the amount of skimpy women’s costumes on the market.

Some women can pull off midriff-baring or super-short costumes with ease, but for many, it can be down-right uncomfortable wearing a “barely there” ensemble. Fortunately, it is possible to be sexy at Halloween while still maintaining a sense of modesty without the frump.

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My Fellow Geeks Went to San Diego Comic Con 2015 and All I Got was this Lousy Shirt Amazing List

San Diego Comic Con 2015

This past weekend thousands of my fellow geeks descended upon San Diego, California for the 2015 Edition of the Annual San Diego Comic Con. And while I did not attend, I kept a keen eye on my Twitter feed.

Unlike most Comic Conventions, San Diego Comic Con isn’t just about the comic books; their artists and writers, it’s become an annual launchpad for movies and television announcements and debuts.

Here’s my recap of the ten things that caught my eye from this year’s Con!

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A Successful Infiltration of the Great Allentown Comic Con’s 5th Anniversary Show

Nichelle Nichols at the Con

The Great Allentown Comic Con’s 5th Anniversary Show was this past weekend and I was there. I had three things in mind, buy some things to read either comic book or just book, buy some art and hear Nichelle Nichols speak. And I was successful on all three fronts.

So, why bury the lead, the last thing I did during my infiltration was go to a panel where Nichelle Nichols did a short 40 minute Q & A, it was fantastic! She is a fascinating woman. She spoke of the vision of the future that Gene Roddenberry had and of her fellow actors, directors and the new and old Trek.

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Infiltrating the 2014 Edition of The Great Allentown Comic Con Summer Show

2014 Edition of The Great Allentown Comic Con Summer Show

This past weekend, I had the privilege of attending The Great Allentown Comic Con Summer Show at Merchants Square Mall. As usual, it was filled with vendors of comic books and other pop culture paraphernalia, artists and other vendors, as well as, my fellow attendees, those in cosplay and those who just showed up with their geek on their sleeve.

I have said before and I’ll say it again, The Great Allentown Comic Con is getting too big for itself. This is not a complaint, more of an observation, and a good problem for the organizers to have at that.

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2014 Lehigh Valley Fan Festival at the Allentown Brew Works: Many Fandoms together in one Festival

2014 Lehigh Valley Fan Fest

Fan Festivals are like Comic Conventions, with a lesser emphasis on comic books themselves. So, I had a few expectations when I attended the 2014 Lehigh Valley Fan Festival this past weekend.

It exceeded my expectations, although I’m not sure if it was, in spite of or, because of it’s unique location in Allentown Brew Works; a multi-level brewery, restaurant, nightclub and event hall, all in one.

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