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Caught Stealing Might Be the Most Violent Book I’ve Ever Read

Caught Stealing is Charlie Huston’s debut novel. It is a very graphic thriller that doesn’t skimp on the violence. In truth, it may be one of the most violent books I’ve ever read. The nature of the “wrong-man” story that unfolds in this novel is chaotic and changes directions in such divergent ways it singles itself out as a mysterious thriller in every sense of the phrase.

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Barker’s Brand of Horror Celebrates The Inhuman Condition

Clive Barker The Inhuman Condition Book Review

The Inhuman Condition is a collection of short stories by one of the modern masters of the macabre – Clive Barker. Published in 1986, these stories are some of the first published by Barker, and they set a tone of dark and delirious, sensuous and sentimental.

The five stories; The Inhuman Condition (of which the collection is also named after); The Body Politic; Revelations; Down, Satan!; and The Age of Desire, all focus on the nature of humanity.

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Spoiler Free Review

Evil Genius is a Textbook Example of a Fun Thriller

“Cadel Piggott’s parents thought he was brilliant… and dangerous. His therapist thought he could rule the world. They were right.” This is the description on the back of the paperback edition of Evil Genius by Catherine Jinks, and it’s a fairly decent spoiler-free description.

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The Catastrophic Culminations of the Edge of the World Broadcast’s Third Season

Storytelling is an Undead Art in The Edge of the World Broadcast

I know that I’ve written about the Edge of the World Broadcast before, but it deserves ongoing discussion because each time a new season drops, Joel Mengel raises the bar on what radio dramas are compared to where they used to be. Season Three is no different.

In Season One, I called the show “wondrous and mysterious,” and in Season Two I said it was “even more engaging and engrossing.” Season Three starts with a great recap of those two seasons…

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