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20 Gift Ideas for the Geek in your Life

Giving Gifts to Geeks

Gift giving seems to be something that people only think about during the holidays, but there remain plenty of reasons to give gifts year round. Some people even do it for no apparent reason!

Regardless of the occasion or lack thereof, shopping for a geek, self-subscribed or otherwise, can be at times challenging to say the least. Geeks usually tend to shop for themselves on a regular basis, after all.

Gift cards for restaurants and stores are acceptable, but for something with a little more thought, here are 20 options that will that will enthrall your geek!

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Breaking the Fourth Wall: Recapping My Year-Long Content Experiment

From the desk of Agent Palmer

Starting last November 1, as the founder and primary writer of this blog, I embarked on a journey to create content – not just LOTS of content, but consistent content as well. Two posts per week for one year was my goal. And 12 months later, I have successfully completed my year of content.

In that year, I eclipsed my self-imposed two posts per week by averaging about two and a quarter posts per week. The stats never lie and they say that after one whole year, I have published not the minimum 104 posts, but 117, with the help of five guest posts (one from Field Agent Wacker and four from Agent Parker).

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A look at A modest tribute and deconstruction of one episode of The West Wing

SeventeenPeople dot com is A modest tribute and deconstruction of one episode of West Wing

One of my favorite shows is “The West Wing,” and as much as I may be a super-fan, designer John White has taken it one step further.

With, White has created a wonderful “live infographic” about one of the best and most classic “non-Dire-Straits-featuring episodes” of “The West Wing” – an hour of television known as “17 People.”

The episode itself, at its core, is about Toby learning the President has M.S. While everything else may be going on around them, this is the central point which, when it aired, had a great impact on what followed.

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Agent Palmer Delves Deep into the World of Twitter Chats (or How Twitter Chats Work)

Twitter Chats or Tweet Chats if you Prefer

I have lamented in the past about how Twitter is not Facebook, and I still believe that. I use Facebook for, well, Facebook’s sake, although not much. It’s mainly for the Agent Palmer Facebook page, to keep those fans who “like” that page informed, but rarely beyond that. Twitter, on the other hand, I enjoy as my own personal digital newspaper of sorts, as well as a community of never-ending and ongoing conversations.

But it can be overwhelming with the more than 232 million users, and the large percentage of those that are bots. It can sometimes feel as though you are talking to the wall.

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Clouds Over Cuba is an Amazing Documentary housed in a Brilliant Site

Clouds Over Cuba

Recently, I stumbled upon an amazing documentary housed in an equally brilliant site: Clouds Over Cuba which is hosted at It’s been around for a while and was produced by The Martin Agency.

The documentary is an “interactive multimedia documentary” of the Cuban Missile Crisis, narrated by Matthew Modine, conceptualized by The Martin Agency and created by Brian Williams, Wade Alger, Joe Alexander, and Ben Tricklebank on behalf of The JFK Presidential Library.

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