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What I Gained from Shouting Back from the Void: 100 Proxycasts and Counting…

What I Gained from Shouting Back from the Void 100 Proxycasts and Counting...

I recently had the privilege of being honored by my friends with a special episode of Our Liner Notes for having infiltrated 100 different podcast episodes. The very definition of “Proxycasting,” a term coined by Bill Sweeney of The Wicked Theory Podcast, which means “Palmer doesn’t need his own podcast, he has yours!”

And while that episode was, in fact, my idea, I have no doubts about its origin as a fairly egotistical start, but what happened at the end is worth noting on a very serious level

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Spoiler Free Review

Hard Soft and Wet by Melanie McGrath

Hunting Down the Future in 1997: A Review of Hard, Soft and Wet by Melanie McGrath

Melanie McGrath’s Hard, Soft and Wet: Digital Generation Comes of Age is a memoir of sorts where she is hunting “down the future, starting with the everyday intimations of tomorrow — the games, gadgets, and consumer fads — that were already an invisible part of so many young lives and I would work my way up to the networks, which will, in their turn, become a mundane part of the lives of those children’s children, and perhaps also of my own children.”

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The Internet History Podcast is the best History Class You Never Took

The Internet History Podcast Hosted by Brian McCullough

From Netscape and the browser wars to the origins of the MP3, the rise of walled gardens such as AOL and Prodigy, the first online advertising, and e-commerce. To the iPhone and the internet in our pockets, and the creation, destruction, and aftermath of the dot com bubble; the Internet History Podcast covers it all and more.

It started back in 2014, on the 20th anniversary of the Internet Era as we know it when Netscape was founded. It made host Brian McCullough want to read a book that summed up the Internet Era. “The only problem was, no such book existed.”

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Declassifying the Internet

Declassifying the Internet Blogging

Declassifying the Internet: Blogging

Blogging is now ubiquitous, and it’s always dying. At least, that’s what I keep hearing, but I don’t believe that to be true. But what is blogging? Where did it come from? Why should anyone do it? How do you do it? I have some answers for you.

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