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A Successful Infiltration of the Great Allentown Comic Con’s 5th Anniversary Show

Nichelle Nichols at the Con

The Great Allentown Comic Con’s 5th Anniversary Show was this past weekend and I was there. I had three things in mind, buy some things to read either comic book or just book, buy some art and hear Nichelle Nichols speak. And I was successful on all three fronts.

So, why bury the lead, the last thing I did during my infiltration was go to a panel where Nichelle Nichols did a short 40 minute Q & A, it was fantastic! She is a fascinating woman. She spoke of the vision of the future that Gene Roddenberry had and of her fellow actors, directors and the new and old Trek.

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Ryan Lynn signing one of his Prints

The Interrogation of Artist and Graphic Designer Ryan Lynn

Commissioned artist for CBS. Aspiring astronaut. Potential vampire.

There’s a lot to learn about graphic designer Ryan Lynn, as you’ll find in the following interrogation, like how his weekends are spent recharging his batteries and how his day job, at 4O1! Creative, provided him his first foray into the world of Agent Palmer.

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