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Goodnight, Max.

Max was my producer, my unexpected friend, and part of my sanity.

Most of all he was my friend, and I will miss him.

Since I wrote about our unexpected pairing a couple years ago, things had maintained our balance until he got sick. Last fall, he was just having bad day after bad day. He couldn’t keep food down, so we took him to the vet where we heard the word that no one wants to hear as a prognosis for anyone they care about… cancer.

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Palmer's Trek

Star Trek The Original Series as watched by Agent Palmer

Palmer’s Trek: Star Trek The Original Series

It may seem hard or foolish to summarize all 79 episodes that comprise Star Trek: The Original Series into a single review, but for someone who’s watching the vast majority of it with fresh eyes for the first time, it’s easy to do.

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Palmer's Trek

Palmer's Trek A Star Trek Journey

Palmer’s Trek: A Star Trek Journey

Palmer’s Trek, the unwatched frontier. These are the voyages of Agent Palmer. On his continuing mission: to explore Star Trek. To seek out its numerous series and movies. To boldly go where many fans have gone before!

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Take a Look in the Book of the Path Dr. Seuss Took

Apparently, I did not know Dr. Seuss. I thought I did. I thought I knew that he wrote a lot of books and that his real name was Theodor Seuss Geisel (Ted Geisel works when playing trivia night) and that he wasn’t just a writer but an illustrator as well.

That’s barely the tip of the iceberg.

If that’s also all you know, or even if you know more than that, it’s worth picking up Becoming Dr. Seuss by the biographer Brian Jay Jones, to get the whole story.

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Love it or Hate it, Blonde Might Be the Best Art Film Ever

Blonde is the best art film

Blonde, the much maligned fictionalized biopic of Marilyn Monroe from director Andrew Dominik and based on the novel by Joyce Carol Oates, may just be the art film to end all art films.

It plays with color and sound, aspect ratio and focus, cameras and camera angles, light and darkness, and hard cuts and pans. Put simply, it’s all of the things you can do with a film all in one film.

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