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PROMISES by Palmer

So, as you may or may not be aware, I created a “Promise” playlist back in November. In my research to create that playlist and the affiliated post, I encountered enough “Promises” songs to do a follow up.

The songs below are selected from the playlist, but they are not the entire playlist. The same rules apply to the Promises playlist that applied to Promise, only I’m throwing out the singular. This is only songs titled “Promises.” No “My Promises” or “Our Promises.”

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Spoiler Free Review

Evil Genius is a Textbook Example of a Fun Thriller

“Cadel Piggott’s parents thought he was brilliant… and dangerous. His therapist thought he could rule the world. They were right.” This is the description on the back of the paperback edition of Evil Genius by Catherine Jinks, and it’s a fairly decent spoiler-free description.

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Celebrating Sydney and The Arts with Anthemic Play It Safe

Celebrating Sydney and The Arts with Anthemic Play It Safe

In October 2023, the iconic Sydney Opera House had a birthday festival to celebrate the 50 years since it opened its doors to the world.

The Sydney Opera House website, under “Our Story,” explains why this building should be a little more celebrated than most in their short three paragraph history, which is honestly one of the more accurate and succinct art building histories I have ever read.

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Lots of Love and Laughter in Grace Allen Biography by George Burns

I often get people asking me what I’m reading. Perhaps it has something to do with talking to authors on my podcast or other creatives who also read. Either way, I find myself talking about books quite a bit.

When asked about Gracie: A Love Story by George Burns, I described it as perhaps the most romantic book I have ever read. And that was when I was only about a third of the way through it.

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You Can’t Spell “National Champions” Without NIL

You can spell National Champions without NIL a 2021 Movie Review

National Champions is an interesting, if not ill-timed, feature movie released in 2021 based on the play of the same name by Adam Mervis. It’s a well written brief that encompasses all of the arguments for and against paying collegiate athletes.

What makes this ill-timed is that the relief valve of the NCAA’s NIL deal was enabled the same year the film came out. In fact, the NIL rules went into effect in January of 2021, while this film was released almost 11 months later in December of that year.

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