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Looking Back for Apollo 11’s 50th Anniversary Leads to Questions for Future Exploration

Earth Rising over the Moon from NASA Archive

I’ve always been enamored by the Space Program. I remember putting on a football helmet, backpack covered in tin foil, recreating Armstrong’s first steps on the moon for something, though I have no idea what and that was when I was 8 or 9?

I remember watching The Right Stuff and, what is quite possibly the best miniseries on the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo era of NASA Moonshot which was co-written by Deke Slayton and Al Shepherd.

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What everyone can learn from Germany’s World Cup Title Run

Germany stands atop the game of football (or futbol or even soccer, depending on your country of origin) as the 2014 World Cup Champions. This isn’t a shock as they’ve been here before – three times, in fact – making this their fourth World Cup.

This makes them a powerhouse in their sport, but it was how they managed to get to World Cup Championship No. 4 that makes this impressive.

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Attempting Normal by Marc Maron the Podcasting Philosophizer

Attempting Normal by Marc Maron

Marc Maron isn’t just a comedian and podcaster. He is a philosopher, as well. If you need proof of this beyond some of the profound things he says during his comedic sets and podcasts, look no further than his book Attempting Normal. He airs out his life, not like dirty laundry but much more like freshly laundered shirts on a warm spring day.

The stories are all personal to Marc: some are issues he may still be dealing with, but they aren’t written as if he’s airing dirty laundry. In fact, he spends time making sure the other side of the story is there as well.

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Spoiler Free Review

The Visible Man by Chuck Klosterman

A Spoiler Free Book Review of “The Visible Man” by Chuck Klosterman

“The Visible Man” is a wonderful read, it truly is. It’s about a scientist Y__, who reaches out to therapist Victoria Vick, claiming to have cloaking technology that renders him nearly invisible. This allows him to observe what random individuals are like, when they are alone. He has reached out to a therapist to deal with his sensation, not feeling, but his sensation of guilt, because of the technology he commands.

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