Cadets 2 Ship of the Gods by Edward Miller

The setup and follow through to Cadets: 2 Ship of the Gods by Edward Miller, sequel to Cadets, is fast-paced and doesn’t mess around, just like the enemy they are facing.

The short synopsis is that six months have passed since United Earth Defense Fleet (UEDF) cadets Ryan Thompson, Amanda Williamson, and their senior class saved earth from destruction at the hands of the Altarrans, which is all covered in Cadets.

Cadets 2: Ship of the Gods by Edward Miller

Cadets 2: Ship of the Gods by Edward Miller

As the cadets now prepare for graduation, Amanda is haunted by vivid nightmares of another alien race, this one much more deadly, and with a mission to annihilate all life within the galaxy. Worse, she’s having mysterious blackouts and apparent visits from an ancient entity, who warns that the Karang are coming.

With the help of their new allies, the Altarrans, Ryan, Amanda and the entire UEDF must hold off the Karang, while searching for a legendary weapon known as the Ship of the Gods, which may be the only hope for survival.

Without a any spoilers, I can tell you this book is refreshing and why. I was impressed at how little time took place between the first book and this the sequel. It was very refreshing to have the second book in a series be a continuation, instead of “years later…” or something else.

I was a wonderful detail for Miller to include and examine some of the difference between Earth and their new allies the Altarrans. It’s becoming less and less uncommon to discuss differences among allies who were once enemies, but Miller doesn’t shy away from the oddness and differences between both parties in this newly formed alliance.

And I have three pieces of advice to pass on from the book, that all apply to our daily lives; which still maintain this as a spoiler free review.

“The universe could certainly be maddening,” of this, I believe we are all in agreement.

Cadets author Edward Miller

Cadets 2 author Edward Miller

“No matter what we do or where we are, trouble always finds us,” which I can attest to, although I don’t want to speak for anyone else.

“Luck is for those without strength and fortitude,” which may very well be true, because those who possess strength and fortitude are few and far between.

This is a wonderful read and a great continuation of the wonderful Cadets series by Edward Miller. I hope he continues the series with Cadets 3. In the meantime, you may be interested in The Kronos Interference, a book Miller co-wrote with J.B. Manas.

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