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An attempt to explain World Cup Fever and Fanaticism in Geek Terms

The FIFA World Cup SoccerFest & Viewing Party in Bethlehem PA

Football, Futbol or Soccer, whatever you call “The Beautiful Game” it’s currently in a stage of frenzy commonly called, “World Cup Fever,” and the only cure is more of it.

In fairness to the other sports, it is only really in the United States where you either get it or you don’t. Otherwise, you get it and it’s a matter of degrees between passing fancy or religion.

In places where it is a religion, almost every beyond American borders, although factions do exist within the US, it’s hard to explain to Americans why it’s so important.

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Lessons from the On-Screen Romances of Action, Science Fiction and Fantasy Heroes

Princess Leia Organa and Han Solo Kiss

Romance is in every thread of media. It’s another motivation for beating the bad guy, but in many instances overcoming differences to be together is much greater than any enemy. Circumstances usually dictate that in order to be with the one you love, you must overcome great obstacles, some self-made and others environmental or circumstantial.

Below are 10 romances from movies and television shows of various genres. In their own way, they all conclude in happy endings, but in most cases, it’s not an easy road from falling in love to consummation.

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Geek Resolutions for 2013: An In-depth Report or How to be a Geek in 2013

Every year on Dec. 31, people start contemplating what they’ll strive for in the coming year.

I’ll quit smoking. I’ll lose weight. I’ll save money.

Yeah, sure you will, until the second week of January when you say, “Screw it,” and just wait to make the same resolutions next year.

Here is a list of the resolutions that most of us geeks have every year, only they aren’t resolutions, they’re goals!

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Field Report: Infiltration of the Philly Non-Sports Card Show in Allentown

Philly Non-Sports Card Show in Allentown

Recently, I attended the Philly Non-Sports Card Show. I didn’t quite know what to expect. I had been to “CCG” shows, but they’re universally labelled as such. So I headed out, having very little idea of what might be in store for me.

When I arrived there was a line of about 100 people waiting to get in. It wasn’t quite a comic con crowd, but there were some characters, an equal mix of genders and a very wide range of ages.

Now before I explain what I saw at the show, let me explain all I know about Non-Sports Cards.

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